Is Rimuru stronger than Milim? Has he surpassed her yet?

One of the few animes that refuses to burnout and also offers an isekai fantasy is – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The isekai genre tests the main character’s survival skills and provides a unique environment for him to respond to.

This paves a path for some interesting character development and personal growth. This prompts the question – will Rimuru Tempest surpass the powerful Demon Lord, Milim?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Tensura LN & WN.

1. Quick Answer

Although the anime has established that Milim is stronger than Rimuru and holds the position of a powerful Demon Lord.

It is essential to note that the anime is only a piece of the larger story of the light novel. Therefore, it only traces a part of Rimuru’s journey.

According to the light novel, Rimuru eventually grows stronger than anyone and is in a class of his own. This also implies that Rimuru far surpasses Milim in terms of strength.

2. Long  Answer

The arc of season one foreshadows Rimuru becoming a Demon Lord primarily through his encounter with one of the most powerful Demon Lords, Milim Nava.

Furthermore, into the light novel, Rimuru’s strength comes at par of that of Milim’s Father Veldanava, The creator of the whole world of tensura.

During the great war arc, Rimuru goes beyond his True Demon Lord form and perfects his True Dragon form, thereby, surpassing Milim, who is a human-dragon hybrid.

And at the end of volume 19 of the LN, he goes beyond the aforementioned form to become a God, standing at par with Veldanava.

3. Milim Nava aka The Destroyer

A. Background

Milim Nava is the Third Demon Lord – being one of the oldest and strongest. She holds the title of a “True Demon Lord”.

Demon Lords manage to fuse their physical body with their spiritual one completely – they’re approved and acknowledged by the World Systems itself.

Milim Nava

She holds the ability to use an infinite amount of Magicules. Her capacity to handle an endless amount of Magicules.

Stardust (the densest form of energy) is also attributed to her lineage and how she inherited her powers from her father, the Creator of the World, Veldanava or “Star King Dragon”.

Her ascension into a True Demon Lord is a consequence of an incident of her rampant violence brought by grief and rage. The death of her parents and the death of her pet dragon Gaia broke her sanity.

[Image: Milim-Nava.jpg – Milim Nava]

B. Powers

Her powers are enough to destroy a star. Milim Nava’s ultimate skill is Wrathful King Satan – this is where the user’s wrath is channelled into energy.

Therefore, the amount of anger will augment her power. Milim Nava obtained this Ultimate Skill by destroying a country that killed her pet dragon. The disadvantage of this skill is that it can only be accessed through magicules reserves which can be exhausted after a while.

Milim Nava overcomes this flaw due to her inheritance of the Mana Breeder Reactor from her father which gives her inexhaustible reserves of Magicules. Her ability to manipulate stardust allows her to use the Magic Dragon Nova.

She also holds the Dragon Eye – a skill that analyses the abilities of their opponent’s. Milim equips herself with a Demon Sword, Dragon Knuckles, a Demon Lord’s Ring and a God Class Armour.

 Her speed, durability and offensive attack levels are quite high. She possesses high intelligence, and her stamina is limitless.

3. Rimuru Tempest – Strongest slime in all anime

One of the biggest hurdles in his own journey is himself. Rimuru’s anxiety and underconfidence never allowed him to view himself remotely as a “threat” to anyone.

He also overestimates his opponents and puts himself down in front of opponents – although it may work as an advantage at times. Rimuru had received the Divine Protection of a Storm Crest by Veldora, a True Dragon. This allows Rimuru to coat himself with a fragment of the storm’s strength.

B. Powers

His biological functions don’t require him to rely on breathing, eating or other bodily functions to survive. As a Slime, Rimuru possesses the ability to absorb powers, dissolving, and self-regeneration.

 Later in the LN, these abilities combine to form a Ultimate skill known as Void God Azathoth which allows him to engulf, store, mimic the target and compartmentalize the harmful effects of it.

Another unique skill Rimuru gains through reincarnation is Great Sage. Great Sage is an artificial intelligence that is run by logical computations and is an aid to Rimuru.

It can also provide knowledge about any non-concealed phenomenon in the world and most importantly, it can control Rimuru’s body with his permission. Through Great Sage, he develops Raphael – Lord of Wisdom an upgraded version of Great Sage that further enhances his abilities.

C. Demon Lord

Once Rimuru becomes a Demon Slime, his powers get enhanced, giving him a considerable boost. He can switch between his material and spiritual body like a true Demon Lord.

As a Demon Slime, he acquires powers of  Infinite Regeneration, Multilayer Barrier, Universal Detect, Demon Lord’s Haki, Universal Thread, and many more.

D. True Dragon

Towards the Great War arc of the light novel, Rimuru becomes a True Dragon by eating and analysing the magical power of Veldora, his partner/best friend, in his fight against Velgrynd.

Through this, he acquires powers of a dragon and becomes at least 10 times as strong as before.

Summon Storm Dragon: An ability that calls forth Veldora in his dragon form.

Restore Storm Dragon: An ability that copies Veldora’s memories into his own mind. If Velodra dies, he can replace him while the “real” Veldora resides within his soul.

Storm Magic: An ability which grants him access to highly powerful spells such as Death-Calling Wind, Dark Lightning, and Storm of Destruction.

These are some of the main powers that Rimuru holds. His unique ability to synthesize the skills he acquires brings forth a whole new set of power and abilities for him.

Rimuru is a highly intelligent analyst – packed with his consistent stamina and offensive powers – he is a formidable opponent.

Milim Nava remains a profoundly powerful demon lord for over 2,000 years through her birthright.

Rimuru’s journey of escalating through the ranks of power from human to slime to demon lord/demon slime to true dragon and finally a God gives him access to varied abilities and incredible strength.


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