Fall in Love with Nightlife as ‘Call of the Night’ Drops New Teaser

Want to learn about true nightlife? Who better to learn it from than vampires, the creatures of the night. Summer 2022 anime, Call of the Night, will portray a human, Ko, learning about nightlife from an alluring vampire, Nazuna.

Both Nazuna and Ko become fast friends, but things get pretty awkward when Ko suddenly wants to become a vampire too. How will Nazuna tell him that he needs to fall in love to become a vampire?

The Call of the Night anime will be released in July 2022. Nazuna, the vampire protagonist, is highlighted in a new trailer and visual for the upcoming anime:

Yofukashi Visual case1-Nanakusa Nazuna-

Nazuna seems bratty on first impression, but she is probably as innocent as vampires can get. She loves dirty jokes, but call her “Nazuna-chan” and watch her blush the deepest red.

Her new mission is to teach Ko the real thrill of the night. Of course, she isn’t doing it for free, she accepts blood in return for the favor.

Fall in Love with Nightlife as ‘Call of the Night’ Drops New Teaser
Call of the Night Visual | Source: Offiical Website
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The new visual shows off Nazuna’s awesome character design as she drinks soft drinks while leaning against a vending machine in a cool pose.

Studio LIDEN FILMS is animating the series and the main cast and staff members have been previously revealed.

The vampire trope has been done plenty of times before in anime, but Call of the Night completely changes the dynamic. Nazuna will unveil that a person cannot become a vampire just by getting their blood sucked. You need to be head over heels in love for it.

So, now, Ko’s mission is to fall in love with Nazuna, if he wants to become a vampire. Can he love this bratty girl with stalker tendencies as the series progresses?

About Call of the Night

Call of the Night manga by Kotoyama was first published in the Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in 2019. The series will receive an anime adaptation in July 2022.

The series’ plot focuses on Ko Yamori, a human, and Nazuna, a laid-back and free-spirited vampire. After Ko discovers Nazuna’s nature, he wants to become a vampire too.

Yet, the only way to turn into a vampire is by falling in love with one.

Source: Official Website


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