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Burning Kabaddi Receives Passionate New Stage Play in February 2022

You know an anime has hit the top charts when it gets its own stage play. Burning Kabaddi, the sports anime which premiered in April this year, has inspired an excellent stage play.

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Sports anime stageplays are not just about a few random dudes acting like they are playing on stage. It’s about the drama and the fun that all the actors have which makes fans fall even harder for the series.

The Burning Kabaddi anime will receive a stage play adaptation which will run from February 18-27, 2022. Theater 1010 in Tokyo will be hosting the play.

A new visual has been revealed for the upcoming stage play:

Burning Kabaddi Receives Passionate New Stage Play in February 2022
Burning Kabaddi stage play visual | Source: Official Website

The visual shows the character Tatsuya Yoigoshi whose role will be performed by Rui Tabuchi.

Yoigoshi is the anime’s protagonist who initially disliked kabaddi. His opinion soon changed when he watched a practice match in his high school.

The first and final performances of the stage play will be streamed by the staff, but details about overseas streaming haven’t been revealed yet.

A new PV has also been revealed where Rui Tabuchi talks about the production:

舞台「灼熱カバディ」宵越竜哉役 田淵累生コメント
Stage “Burning Kabaddi” as Tatsuya Yogoshi, commented by Rui Tabuchi

The stage play will focus on the match between Nokin and Souwa high schools.

Shatner Nishida is directing the Burning Kabaddi stage play. Cast members of the stage play include:

CharacterCastOther Works
Tatsuya YoigoshiRui Tabuchi--
Masato OjoShota Takasaki--
Soma AzemichiKaiki Ohara--
Kei IuraYuga Iwasaki--
Kyohei MisumiAtsuki Kashio--
Shinji DateShunsuke Kobayakawa--
Nobutaka BanTakuya Kishimoto--
Ryuta SekiYuya Miyashita--
Yuki HitomiYu MiyazakiSachiro Hirugami (Haikyu!! To The Top)
Ayumu RokugenBishin Kawasumi--
Ren TakayaKeisuke Kaminaga--
Shintaro KizakiSosho Tomimoto--
Yu EikuraHaruki Mochida--
Daisuke MuroyaTaishin Hirano--
Burning Kabaddi Receives Passionate New Stage Play in February 2022
Burning Kabaddi in Anime | Source: Crunchyroll

Kabaddi has less exposure than soccer, baseball, or other similar sports. So, now that it is receiving anime as well as stage plays, I hope that the game gets the attention it deserves.

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About Burning Kabaddi

Burning Kabaddi manga by Hajime Musashino debuted in 2015. It was serialized in the Manga ONE app by Shogakukan.

Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a high school student, is invited to join the Kabaddi club of the school. He usually hates sports and thinks of it as a joke.

However, his views change when he witnesses a Kabaddi match, which is as competitive as a martial arts match.

Source: Burning Kabaddi Official Website

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