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Burning Kabaddi Reveals the Voice Actors for Ayumu Rokugen and 4 Others from Sowa High

Kabaddi, a sport which requires a perfect balance of strength and tactics, has everything that makes it a perfect framework for an anime. Thanks to TMS Entertainment for implementing this insane idea and coming up with an anime based on Kabaddi.

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Well, apart from an intense plot, much depends on the voice actors to bring life to these animated players. The cast list is always pretty long when it comes to sports anime, especially if it’s a team sport like Kabaddi.

Just yesterday, the upcoming TV anime, Burning Kabaddi, has revealed quite a few additional cast members.

The official Twitter account for Burning Kabaddi has revealed the voice actors for the five players of the rival Souwa High School kabaddi club. The anime premieres on April 2, 2021.

Hiroki Yasumoto will be in charge of Ayumu Rokugen, Sowa High’s most important Kabaddi player.

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The newly released cast details include some of the popular names of the industry.

CharactersCastOther Works
Ayumu RokugenHiroki YasumotoSado Yasutora (Bleach)
Ren TakayaKenichi SuzumuraWakabayashi Genzou (Captain Tsubasa)  
Shintarou KazakiTaku YashiroYamazaki Susumu (Bakumatsu)
Yuu EikuraShuichi UchidaTeradomari Motoki (Haikyuu!!: To the Top)
Daisuke MuroyaJunichi YanagitaSakamoto Teppei (Fantasista Stella)  

A key visual for the anime along with the cast for the main kabaddi team have been released a few weeks back.

The anime will follow a group of passionate and enthusiastic Kabaddi players who dream of excelling at every tournament till they get recognized at the National level.

The main character, Tatsuya, is a former soccer player who has lost his interest in sports. But one day, he decides to give another shot to his sports life after watching an intense Kabaddi competition.

Now, a sports anime feels incomplete without a strong rival team. Just how Karasuno has Nekoma as its rival, Souwa High serves a similar role for Tatsuya’s team.

So, are you ready to feel the adrenaline rush of Kabaddi while watching these two veteran teams clash against each other?

About Burning Kabaddi

Burning Kabaddi manga by Hajime Musashino debuted in 2015. It was serialized in the Manga ONE app by Shogakukan.

Burning Kabaddi Reveals the Voice Actors for Ayumu Rokugen and 4 Others from Sowa High
Burning Kabaddi | Source: Fandom

Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a high school student, is invited to join the Kabaddi club of the school. He usually hates sports and thinks of it as a joke.

However, his views change when he witnesses a Kabaddi match, which is as competitive as a martial arts match.

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