Bungie brings changes to Pinnacle Rewards in Destiny 2’s Season 21

Destiny 2 developers – Bungie’s weekly address on May 4th revealed many new updates, content, features, upgrades, weapons, and rewards.

One of the most significant changes is in the Pinnacle Rewards in Destiny 2 with the arrival of Season 21. This would be a significant tweak arriving to weekly player sources of Pinnacle Gear. Dubbed Season of the Deep, it is set to bring more changes than any previous season. They are increasing the level of difficulty for reaching the Pinnacle Cap.

It was mentioned that the Pinnacle Caps at 1810 will remain the same during Season 21. If the players hit the pinnacle Cap at the end of Season 20, they will remain at the Pinnacle Cap in Season 21.

Bungie mentioned that since the Pinnacle Cap is not increasing in Season 21, the need for many Pinnacle Legendary rewards has dropped significantly. This is done to make the playing in their evergreen “ritual playlists” more worthwhile.

Bungie brings changes to Pinnacle Rewards in Destiny 2’s Season 21
The outline of the Exotic Rewards that come with the Pinnacle Cap

They are also changing the rewards for the basic “complete activities” challenges like Crucible, Gambit and Vanguard Ops. This translates to 3 to 9 accessible, achievable, and deterministic Weekly Engrams ready for focusing usage.

What’s worth mentioning is that Bungie hinted at the removal of the Pinnacle Drops in future seasons after monitoring feedback and analytics and adapting to changes as may be deemed necessary.

Bungie brings changes to Pinnacle Rewards in Destiny 2’s Season 21
The announcement of the Guardian Games in Season 21 of Destiny 2

In the same blog was mentioned that Destiny 2’s Season Pass will be increasing at the beginning of Season 21. Until now, individual seasons cost 1000 silver, but it will be increased to 1200 at the beginning of Season of the Deep.

Season Pass with a ten-rank bungle will also see an increase. The price is increasing from 2000 silver to 2200 silver. Pricing is set to remain unchanged for the Lightfall Standard edition, which, by default, includes the current live season at the time of purchase, and Lightfall+ Annual Pass Edition, including access to Seasons 20-23.

While it’s not a huge jump, many fans might find it inaccessible. Moreover, no reason was revealed by Bungie for increasing the price of the Season Pass.

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