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Build Divide, Original Trading Card Anime, By Aniplex and Kakegurui’s Creator

Aniplex has just dropped an announcement for a fantastic new trading card game-based anime series!

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Build Divide, the original anime series, shows a world where the way to the top is through skillful gameplay. (If only the real world were like that!)

Teruto Kurabe, the series’ protagonist, needs to defeat the King in Build Divide. A tournament-oriented anime begins with a pompous first reveal. Will he be able to defeat the long-standing King?

Build Divide – #000000 (Code Black), the upcoming original anime, is set to receive two cours! The first cour will premiere in October 2021, while the second cour will premiere in April 2022.

A new trailer was also revealed for the upcoming anime.

【TCG×オリジナルTVアニメーション】「ビルディバイド」プロジェクト ティザーPV
[TCG x Original TV Animation] “Bill Divide” Project Teaser PV

The trailer shows Teruto using one of his cards. A blue flashing light glows and a mysterious girl appears. Neither the power of the card nor his rival has been revealed in the trailer. The guy is wearing a cult-type robe with a serious look in his eyes as he uses his card.

A new visual has also been revealed.

The visual shows Teruto accompanied by the mysterious girl, Sakura Banka. The background is New Kyoto since that is where the anime is based.

Homura Kawamoto, the creator of the Kakegurui manga, is also involved with the project. A trading card game will be launched in the same month as the anime’s first season.

LIDEN FILMS is animating the series and the main staff members have also been revealed.

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorYuki KomadaKilling Bites
Series ScriptYoriko TomitaAs Miss Beelzebub Likes
Character DesignShinpei TomookaInukami!

Build Divide is Aniplex’s first original anime and game series! Will it be able to hold its own in the tournament-style genre?

About Build Divide

Build Divide is a new multimedia project by Aniplex. A trading-card game-based anime series is announced for October 2021. A game will also be released near the same time.

Based in New Kyoto, the anime will feature a world where you can only climb the ranks through a card game. Teruto, the protagonist, is guarded by a mysterious girl, Sakura Banka.

They aim to defeat the King of the world in a game to fulfill their wish.

Source: Build Divide – #000000 (Code Black) Official Website

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