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Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Confirms New Anime with Nostalgic PV

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki showed us an introvert’s journey to leveling up in season 1. After following a rigorous routine set up by Hinami, Tomozaki can finally move on to the next stage of his life.

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In season 1, Tomozaki finally got a part-time job, but Hinami isn’t done training him just yet. The following tasks are about to get even crazier as another installment to the anime has just been announced.

A new anime for Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki has just been green-lit, but its format hasn’t been revealed yet. A new promotional video confirms the next part of the series.

TVアニメ「弱キャラ友崎くん」重大発表!! スペシャルPV「CONTINUE?」
TV animation “Weak character Tomozaki-kun” serious announcement !! Special PV “CONTINUE?”

The trailer does not give out any details related to the upcoming part, but it does give us a recap of the previous season. The most wholesome and challenging moments from season 1 have been summarized in this short clip.

From Hinami’s attitude to the sweet and caring Fuka, the video is filled with nostalgic elements. Of course, how can we forget about Tomozaki and his nature to get flustered quickly?

The video is backed by “Colorful End Epilogue,” the character song from season 1.

If the following installment to the anime is a sequel, then you can expect Tomozaki’s next mission to be influencing Erika Konno, the mean blonde who had appeared in episode 4.

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Confirms New Anime with Nostalgic PV
Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki | Source: Crunchyroll

If a second season is in production, you can expect it to adapt from volume 4 of the manga.

Since Funimation streamed Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki’s first season, the website might also stream the next part.

Will the upcoming anime be a series, OVA, or a film? Rest assured, Tomozaki will have plenty of hurdles to cross no matter the next adaptation.

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About Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki

Low-tier Character Tomozaki-kun is a light novel series by Yuki Yaku. It is getting an anime adaptation in January 2021.

Tomozaki-kun is a pro-level gamer who thinks that “Life is a bad game.” The powerful have freedom while the weak have to be submissive with no chance to fight for a top position.

He meets Aoi Hinami in high school, who offers to teach him the hacks of turning life into a good game.

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