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Blue Reflection RPG Inspires New Anime; Trailer Reveals New Transformation Sequence

An average high school student by day and an evil-fighting magical girl by night, such is the dual life of Hiori Hirahara.

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Blue Reflection Ray, the anime adaptation of the famous Blue Reflection RPG, is all set to give us a sequence of sparkling battles.

Blue Reflection was launched in 2017 in Japan but its interesting themes and interactive gameplay made it popular pretty soon. Its plotline and setting were interesting enough to inspire an anime adaptation!

A new commercial video is being streamed for the upcoming Blue Reflection Ray anime series. The anime will debut on 9th April 2021 on MBS, TBS, and the “Animeism” block of BS-TBS.

TV anime “BLUE REFLECTION RAY / Mio” Bansen CM

The new trailer shows the transformation sequence of Hiori Hirahara, the protagonist of the anime series. She finds herself transported to a different world where she has to defeat monsters to save her classmates in the real world.

Her powers are derived from a ring that she possesses. The ring is the key to her transformation into a ‘reflector.’ Will Hiori be able to fight against all the monsters in this mysterious parallel world?

The anime’s opening theme song, “DiViNE,” is performed by EXiNA and the song is previewed in the trailer. The fast-paced beat of the theme song sets the pace for the anime’s trailer.

Bansen CM video released!

The appearance of new characters has also appeared, You can also listen to the OP theme song “DiViNE” a little Sparkles Keycap asterisk

And the broadcast start date has been decided! TelevisionMBS, TBS April 9th ​​(Friday) 25: 55 ~ TelevisionBS-TBS April 9th ​​(Friday) 26: 30- Look forward to the start of the broadcast

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The staff for the anime includes:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorRisako YoshidaDiabolik Lovers
Series ScriptAkiko WabaEUREKA SEVEN AO (OVA)
Character DesignsKoichi KikutaKONOSUBA
Music ComposerDaisuke Shinoda 

Blue Reflection, the original game, was first launched for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017.

The character designs have been modified for the anime, including the transformation sequence. We are yet to see how fans will react to these changes.

About Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray is the anime adaptation of the Blue Reflection RPG, released in 2017 for PlayStation 4, PC, and PlayStation Vita. The anime will debut on 9th April 2021.

Hiori Hirahara is lost when she starts her high school life. Her middleschool friend is her only companion. She is sucked into a parallel world called “The Common.” 

Hiori has to transform into a ‘Reflector’ and encounter a myriad of challenges so that her real life classmates are safe.

Source: Official Website of Blue Reflection Ray

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