Top 10 Blue Lock Characters, Updated!

Blue Lock is one of the most popular sports anime series that aired this year. Unlike the typical sports anime which focuses on teamwork and the power of friendship, this series focuses on building the ego of a striker.

Ego, who is the main curator of this program is making sure that these players become ego maniacs and consequently the best strikers. Each of these players has a unique personality and gameplay.

They are extremely likable despite what we might expect from the players training to become egomaniacs. And here are the best Blue Lock characters in anime.

Blue Lock has some of the most interesting and entertaining characters with unique personalities. They also aren’t very one-dimensional like most other Shounen anime. These characters are always striving to be better which makes them highly likable!

10. Rensuke Kunigami

Kunigami was first seen as a part of Team Z, where he played a major role in getting his team to pass the first selection. He has a strong presence and has great leadership prowess.

He also has great physical strength which makes his opponents fear him. In addition to his physical abilities, he can shoot from anywhere! He is also one of the most loyal players in Blue Lock who is constantly looking out for others!

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Kunigami | Source: Youtube
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9. Chigiri

Chigiri is one of the fastest players on Blue Lock and is known as a speed star. He is also pretty likable as he is loyal to his friend and an absolute beast of a player. He was injured during a play which led him to play on the sidelines for a while as he wasn’t scared about another injury!

However, once he decided that he will give his best no matter what, he became a different person! He was willing to take down anybody who came in his way of becoming the best striker!

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Speed Star Chigiri | Source: IMDb
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8. Shoei Barou

Barou is selfish and an egotistical forward whose main goal is to be the King of the field at all times. While you might be thinking, he has the exact qualities Ego is seeking to cultivate, we must also realize that they should have a certain skill set to match that pride!

Barou was initially making a lot of mistakes, however after Isagi tried to break him, he instantly shot back and kept improving. This part of his character is truly commendable and makes him likable!

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Barou | Source: Youtube
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7. Aoshi Tokimitsu

Aoshi Tokimitsu is the third highest-ranked player in the Blue Lock series. But despite being in the top rank, Tokimitsu seems to have no confidence at all. He looks like he is the weakest player on the field.

He constantly looks distressed; however, his true strength was revealed when he was in a pinch. He is super strong and was claimed to be made of pure muscle. He is a difficult opponent to deal with!

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Tokimitsu | Source: Youtube
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6. Jyubei Aryu

Aryu is a character that is introduced during the Second Selection Arc. He has an overall rank of 2 in Blue Lock making him a formidable rival. Owing to his unique physique of having long legs and hands, he can stop any goal.

He also can move in ways that are not possible for average humans. He can secure the ball mid-jump due to his advantage. He also has an obsession with aesthetics which may become somewhat of a disadvantage.

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Jyubei Aryu | Source: Crunchyroll
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5. Seishiro Nagi

When Nagi was first introduced, he was a dude who didn’t looked like he cared about soccer. He was bored with everything as he was effortlessly able to take down most of the strikers even in Blue Lock.

However, after he took a huge loss from Isagi, Nagi changed. He started getting more passionate and interested in the sport. He also wanted to become the best striker in the world.

He also seems to care about his friends like Reo, but he will not tolerate when his friends try to stand in the way of his development. He is an egoist in the true sense of the word!

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Seishiro Nagi | Source: Crunchyroll
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4. Ego Jinpachi

While we are talking about the best characters in Blue Lock, we should not forget about Ego. He is the curator of this entire program and the one who believes that building ego is the only way to become the best striker.

He is an expert manipulator, who controls everybody as if they are pieces of chess. He also sets up careful traps to assess the potential of the players and also creates scenarios that allow the players to reach their potential.

Undoubtedly, Ego is the best man and one of the fan favorites!

Ego Jinpachi | Source: IMDb
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3. Yoichi Isagi

Isagi is the main protagonist of the Blue Lock series and also one of the best characters in Blue Lock. He kind of had a rocky start in the beginning but then he began to adapt super quickly!

Isagi was able to understand his gifts and put them to use. He also followed his ego which allowed him to take some of the best shots of his career. He developed his spatial awareness to the point where he could predict the future!

He follows his own goals and doesn’t try to accommodate others. While it may seem selfish, it is something that allows him to play freely! He truly is one of the best characters in the series!

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Yoichi Isagi | Source: Fandom
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2. Rin Itoshi

Rin is the best player in Blue Lock anime. While he might appear chill and laid back, his playing style is far from that. He makes moves that are almost impossible for anybody else!

He is on the level of Isagi while predicting the future of the field, but he also has much higher physical capability than Isagi making it unrealistically difficult to defeat him. Rin is also distant from everyone and only really cares about surpassing his brother, but his football abilities are cool enough to put him on the list!

Top 10 Best Blue Lock Characters in Anime, Updated!
Rin Itoshi | Source: Official Twitter
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1. Meguru Bachira

Love him or hate him! You cannot ignore Meguru Bachira! He is one of the coolest characters on Blue Lock. The way he is laser-focused on his goal and just goes for it adds to his likability.

TVアニメ『ブルーロック』キャラクターPV・蜂楽 廻編

Bachira also makes the most unexpected moves when he is on the field. He is somewhat of a wild card with his insane dribbling skills! It’s almost impossible for an average player to steal the ball from him.

He also has a monster inside him as he refers to it. This monster tells him to follow his desires. He doesn’t like to pass as much but when he does, he makes the most beautiful passes that allow his teammates to make the best play.

Everything put together, Bachira is simply the most interesting character in the series!

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About Blue Lock

Blue Lock is a Japanese manga series written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since August 2018. Blue Lock won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category in 2021.

The story begins with Japan’s elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which prompts the Japanese Football Union to start a program scouting high school players who will begin training in preparation for the 2022 Cup.

Isagi Youichi, a forward, receives an invitation to this program soon after his team loses the chance to go to Nationals because he passed to his less-skilled teammate.

Their coach will be Ego Jinpachi, who intends to “destroy Japanese loser football” by introducing a radical new training regimen: isolate 300 young strikers in a prison-like institution called “Blue Lock”.


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