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Bleach New Season Release Date, Visuals & Trailers

Season 17 of Bleach will be adapting the final arc from the manga, the Thousand Year Blood War arc, and will also be the conclusion to the anime.

Bleach, an anime about a rebellious young boy gaining the powers of a soul riper, has come a long way. The series had a long run and is one of the “Big 3” anime.

A typical Shonen about a boy gaining the powers of a soul riper ended up having millions of fans worldwide and once again ignited excitement among fans after the announcement of season 17 in March 2020.

After 8 long years of waiting, Bleach fans will finally witness the Thousand Year Blood War arc in anime format! The final season has been confirmed for release in 2021.

1. Release Date

The final arc has been confirmed and scheduled for release in 2021 as a part of the Bleach 20th anniversary Project.

Bleach new season, the Thousand Year Blood War arc, will be released in 2021. The new anime would adapt the final manga arc which spans Volumes 55-74.

Bleach Season 17 Updates
Bleach | Source: Fandom

Bleach aired on TV Tokyo from 2004 to 2012 with 366 episodes. It was broadcasted on Adult Swim later on.

The number of episodes is not clear yet, but we can expect a long season to run in several cours.

2. Season 17 Plot

The upcoming final season would adapt the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, which covers the last 19 Volumes.

This arc will reveal stunning information about Ichigo’s past and dissect Soul Society with truly insane revelations. It would also shed light on other questions that were left unanswered in the anime.

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War starts with the 12th division discovering that Hollows are suddenly disappearing in large groups.

Two days after this incident, a strange man suddenly appears on Ichigo’s bed and introduces himself as Asguiaro Ebern. Ichigo asks him if he is an Arrancar, which in turn makes Ebern furious, and he summons a Spirit Weapon.

Meanwhile, in Soul Society, in the 1st Division barracks, as Yamamoto is being given a report from the other divisions, he is confronted by several masked men who have come to declare war.

As Ichigo fights Ebern, he wonders why Ebern is using a Quincy Cross and has a medallion. On the other hand, in Soul Society, one of the masked men declares that the Wandenreich will destroy Soul Society in five days.

3. Visuals and Trailers

Can we please take a moment to take in the beauty of this visual? It looks bloody brilliant, and all our characters are dashing!

Bleach Season 17 Updates
Bleach Visual | Source: Bilibili

It’s hard to predict the plot from the visual itself, but it seems like the animation quality has become more refined!

The official website mannounced a new Bleach season for the final arc of the franchise in a promotional video.

In the same PV, which announced the Bleach spin-off anime, Burn the Witch, and the Art Exhibit, it also revealed a new Bleach Season for the next year.

It revealed a new character Yhwach, alongside manga clippings for the Thousand-Year Blood War arc.

The manga readers would get their completion through this season, as the last season back in 2012 left a bad taste in some fans’ mouths.

This season will guarantee to cut off any loose ends and give a perfect end to the franchise.

4. Where to Watch Bleach

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5. About Bleach

Bleach is a Japanese anime television series based on Tite Kubo’s manga of the same name. The anime series adapts Kubo’s manga but also introduces some new, original, self-contained story arcs.

It is based in Karakura Town on a 15-year-old high school student Ichigo Kurosaki who becomes a substitute Soul Reaper when Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper, puts Soul Reaper powers in Ichigo. They barely manage to kill the hollow.

Although initially reluctant to accept the heavy responsibility, he begins eliminating some more hollows and discovers that several of his friends and classmates are spiritually aware and have powers of their own.

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