Binge-watch With Your BFFs Using Disney+ Party Extension On Chrome

How to binge-watch with your BFFs using Disney+ Party

After Netflix, now Disney has also launched a Party feature that lets you watch your favorite films with friends and family across long distances. While the Netflix one is free, you may have to shell out some bucks for the Disney+ Party.

Disney+ Party allows you to synchronize your screen with others, allowing you and your friends to stream a show or film together.

How do I get the Disney+ Party?

Disney Plus Party Extension

Just like the Netflix Party, Disney+ Party, too, comes as a Google Chrome extension, which can be easily downloaded off of the browser’s store. Once everyone in the gang has logged into a Disney account, here’s a list of steps to follow going forward:

  • Open the Google Chrome Webstore and search for Disney+ Party extension.
  • You will be forwarded to the Chrome Web Store, where you can download the extension by clicking “Add to Chrome” and then “Add Extension.”
  • You will be required to pay $2.99 (£1.89).

If all goes well, on the upper right-hand corner, you should find the familiar Disney+ icon.

How do I start my own party?

Once you have decided on a favorite Disney classic to watch (Good luck with that!), open it on the Disney+ website.

Before hitting the play button, remember to click on the “Disney+” icon, and copy and paste the URL.

Send this magic link to your friends, and start watching together!

You can also chat in real-time!

The quaran-streamers are all hell-bent on ensuring that everyone makes it to the other side of Corona, safe and sound. And one way to do so is to beat social-distancing by finding ways to get your gangs together online!

Free Extension: My Disney Pal

Now, if your friends are unwilling to pay the extra something to get together virtually, here is a free version as well. My Disney Pal (also abbreviated DP!) is another third party Chrome extension that allows you to host a Disney watch party.

While there is no call feature ok this extension, you can still chat with messages in real time. 

How to use My Disney Pal?

It is almost similar to Disney Plus Party except quicker, coz no payment. 

After all your pals have downloaded the extension off of the Chrome store, go to any Disney Plus film or show and open the extension on the browser. 

Create a room with a shareable link and send it to all those invited. 

Your friends will also need to click on their own DP extensions after clicking on the shareable link. 

With these party extensions, you can reminisce about your childhood favorites with the people you first watched the classics with. As for the geeks, you can watch all the latest Star Wars spinoffs with your gang as they premiere in May.

The group chat feature will also allow you to discuss the best and the worst parts as you witness them, without having to read them on your friends’ blog posts later on.

Happy quarantining!

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