Beyblade Will Be Getting a New Anime Series

After the last Beyblade series: Beyblade G-Revolution, it was improbable that there would be a new Beyblade Season stemming from the original series. Since Tyson was already a World Champion a couple of times in the last seasons, it would make no sense to create a new season just to strip him of his rank.

But things are looking up as Anime News Network shared the news that Beyblade will be returning with a new series. That too along with a mysterious additional series that may appear either as an anime or manga.

Now whether this new series will be another addition to the Burst series or something different, is currently unknown. Remember when Moses parted the Red Sea with a Beyblade? The new series might revisit that part as rumours suggest.

Despite being low on seasons, the franchise still has a strong, loyal fanbase as Beyblades were part of many kids’ childhood. Beyblade toys were trendy since early 2000. Beyblade had an impact on our childhood in a somewhat realistic way, while Pokemon and other cards/monster based animes were nowhere near the toy market. So, this news will surely be an excitement trigger for the passionate Beyblade fans.

About Beyblade:

Beyblade is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takao Aoki to promote sales of spinning tops called “Beyblades” developed by Takara Tomy. Tyson Granger is a young man who loves Beyblade and begins his journey after befriending fellow Beyblade enthusiast, Kenny. After drawing the attention of Kai Hiwatari, a formidable Blader, and defeating Carlos, Tyson and Kai develop a rivalry. This leads him to discover that his Beyblade contains a Bit-Beast named Dragoon.

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