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Back Arrow Anime Released An Action-Packed Second PV

Back Arrow is an upcoming original TV anime directed by Goro Taniguchi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. Goro Taniguchi is known for his directorial venture in Code Geass. 

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The anime is set in a place surrounded by walls which are worshipped as Gods. A man named Back Arrow with memory loss turns up in the place and declares that he once knew the world beyond the walls.

The upcoming original mecha TV anime Back Arrow released a brand new promotional video today. It is scheduled to premiere in January 2021 and run for 2 seasons.

◆ Theme song decided / PV 2nd release ◆ ■ Opening theme: LiSA “dawn” ■ Ending theme: Shuka Saito “Sekai no Hate” ▼ Artist comment released 💡 ▼ OP theme sound source used in the second PV 💡 Many new cuts such as bri-height battle scenes! #Back Arrow

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The anime previews the opening theme song “Dawn” by LiSA and the ending theme song “Sekai no Hate” (The Edge of the World) by Shuka Saito.

Back Arrow Official Trailer - New PV
Official Trailer of Back Arrow

Studio VOLN released the second promotional video of Back Arrow featuring the new additional cast members and opening and ending themes of the upcoming anime.

The PV showcases scenes where they are seen using a bracelet called “Bindwapper” to transform into a Briheight where they can manifest their strength of conviction.

The Briheight Muga, Ryuju, Shadoh, and Gigan were all featured in a fierce action scene in the PV.

Well-acclaimed musician and songwriter, LiSA sang the opening theme, “Dawn” which was in the background while introducing two new additional characters of Back Arrow, Princess Fine Forte, and Armored Prax Conrad.

Back Arrow Anime Released An Action-Packed Second PV
LiSA | Source: Official Website

It was reported that Shuka Saitō will perform the ending theme song “Sekai no Hate.” The release date of the anime was also mentioned at the end of the PV.

Back Arrow Anime Released An Action-Packed Second PV
Shuka Saitō | Source: Official Website

The new additional characters introduced in the PV are:

Back Arrow Anime Released An Action-Packed Second PV
Princess Fine Forte | Source: Official Website
Back Arrow Anime Released An Action-Packed Second PV
Armored Prax Conrad | Source: Official Website
CharacterCastOther Works
Princess Fine Forte  Ami KoshimizuSailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon Crystal)
Armored Prax Conrad  Mikako KomatsuSusamaru (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

About Back Arrow

Black Arrow is an original anime series that will be released in 2021. It is written by Kazuki Nakashima and animated by Studio VOLN.

Back Arrow Anime Released An Action-Packed Second PV
Back Arrow | Source: Crunchyroll

Set in Ringarindo, a land surrounded by walls which cover, protect the people of that land. A mysterious man, Back Arrow arrives.

He has no recollection of his past but is known to have come outside the walls. Arrow tries his luck in escaping the walled land once again but gets involved in a struggle where he can lose himself.

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