Anime Grisaia no Kajitsu Watch Order

How To Watch Grisaia? The Complete Watch Order

“In this world, when you face forward, that’s the futureWhen you look back, it’s a memory.And if you clip a part of it out, that becomes a story.Even this is no more than a snippet of that story.”Kazami Yuuji With a wide variety of anime available these days, seldom we fall down a rabbit hole of less talked […]

Anime Hyouka Watch Order

The Complete Watch Order Guide To Hyouka Anime

Hyouka is an enticing anime and a proud production of Kyoto Animation. A perfect blend of mystery and mundanity, Hyouka makes sure that none of those elements dominates the other. “Those with talent who aren’t aware of themselves cause pain for those who have none.” Fuyumi Irisu, Hyouka Houtarou, a boy with a knack for […]

Anime Violet Evergarden Gaiden Watch Order

The Complete Watch Order Guide of Violet Evergarden

Words cannot describe the beauty of Violet Evergarden. The 2018 anime is a coming-of-age anime that revolves around the various stories of people from all walks of life after a deadly war. The main character, Violet, is a young girl who spent a significant amount of time on the battlefield in her teen years. As […]

Anime Watch Order

How To Watch Garo: The Animation? The Complete Watch Order

Garo is an anime that has been adapted from one of the oldest and the coolest story-telling techniques, tokusatsu. The anime is mostly action-based and has loads of epic battle sequences. The use of different types of weapons, war machinery, and fighting styles are executed with brilliance with the help of beautiful CGI. Garo | […]

Anime Black Butler Watch Order

The Complete Filler-Free Watch Guide for Black Butler

Set in the Victorian era England, Black Butler is a supernatural Shonen anime with a touch of comedy. Unlike most anime, Black Butler effortlessly transitions between lighter and comedic themes to more somber ones without making it feel forced in any way. Black Butler | Source: IMDb The characters are an absolute bundle of joy, […]

Anime Beyond the Boundary Watch Order

How To Watch Beyond the Boundary? Complete Watch Order

Beyond the Boundary is a slice of life anime blended with fantastic fights, hilarious comedy that does not seem forced, and a touch of lovely romance. All of these elements are combined with beautiful animation and a soundtrack that suits it perfectly. The main protagonists are two people who are fated to be torn apart […]

Anime Blood+ Watch Order

How To Watch the Blood Series? – Complete Watch Order

Blood-thirsty monsters roam on earth, and humanity’s only hope of survival is a girl named Saya. The Blood franchise consists of three different versions of realities that take place in the same universe at different periods. All of them, however, share the same dark themes, bloody action sequences, and a protagonist named Saya. The animation […]

Anime Persona Watch Order

Complete Guide to Watch The Persona Series

The Persona series is based on the RPG video game franchise that goes by the same name. It’s not every day when we get an anime where the main cast gets transported to a mysterious world via electronics such as a TV or a cellphone. On their arrival, their subconscious gets a physical manifestation, and […]

Anime Soul Eater Watch Order

How To Watch Soul Eater? The Complete Watch Order

Human-weapon hybrids training to become Death Scythes, other gifted humans training to wield those weapons, a Shinigami Headmaster together in a city name named Death. These elements together make Soul Eater a fantastic and memorable anime. Studio Bones, famous for anime like Fullmetal Alchemist, is also responsible for producing Soul Eater, which is an excellent […]

Anime Gurren Lagann Watch Order

How To Watch Gurren Lagann? The Complete Watch Order

Gurren Lagann is a macho mecha anime with a mindless, yet mind-blowing story! The story is charming not because of its depth or complexity but because it is bold, energetic, exciting, and humorous! Every battle induces goosebumps, even though the plot is pretty simple and straightforward. The characters grow and portray a sense of maturity […]

Anime Elfen Lied Watch Order

The Complete Watch Guide Of Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a paradise for edgy teen anime-viewers. Bipolar disorder, grotesque violence, and nudity; these elements combined, form the borderline-hentai world of Elfen Lied. The anime has messy pacing and plotline but nonetheless does a great job of keeping the audience engaged. Ideally, it seems like the show is aimed at viewers who find […]

Anime Kill la Kill Watch Order

The Complete Watch Order Guide of Kill La Kill

Every anime tries to make the season finale memorable and exciting, but what if you could experience that thrill and excitement at the end of every single episode? Kill La Kill, an anime best described as a nonsense action show, has an amazing ability that enables it to amaze and entertain the audience without having […]