Anime One Piece

5 Things You Didn’t Know About One Piece

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by VeePN. Our editorial team has vetted the contents of this post to ensure the value it provides for our readers. One Piece holds a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for its remarkable number of copies sold. While coming close to a whopping 1100 chapters, […]

Anime Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Should I rebel or apologize to Frieza?

To apologize or not apologize, that is the question. After finishing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as a Saiyan race member, I restarted as a member of the Frieza race. My name was obviously the mighty Air_Conditioner. I faced a dilemma after grinding through countless missions and fights with Frieza. Do I apologize to Frieza or […]

Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer Nichirin Sword Colors and Their Meanings

What really sets Demon Slayer apart are those slick Nichirin Blades, along with the flowy Breathing Styles. These represent the owner’s personality, vibe, and technique proficiency. While the manga readers already know about the various ironies associated with Nichirin Swords, most anime viewers are blissfully unaware (hopefully). Also, if you wanna own a sick Nichirin […]

Anime Black Clover

Who Will Become The 29th Wizard King in Black Clover?

Young Asta and Yuno forged a bond over their ambitious goal of becoming the next Wizard King, which has hooked us to the series. And since the fight against elves, Novachrono’s absence (technically) has left us with but one question: who’ll be the next Wizard King? To become the Wizard King (or Magic Emperor), one […]

Manga One Piece

One Piece: Will Luffy Marry Hancock or Nami? Or Someone else?

One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda, has admitted that romance is not a huge focus or part of the series. Still, that doesn’t mean that there are no signs of it. Monkey D. Luffy’s true love has always been meat. This has been consistent throughout the ongoing series. As the series progress on, it [….]

Anime Hunter x Hunter

Is Ging Freecss Stronger than the Chimera King Meruem?

Hunter x Hunter has received widespread attention both in Japan and internationally. Despite the long Hiatus and discontinuation of the anime, it has become one of the most popular Shounen series. However, the manga is still progressing, and despite the slow updates, the story is entering an exciting arc. And with it, new questions arise […]

Anime Blog Naruto

Top 10 strongest Jinchuriki in Naruto, Ranked

Naruto is such a popular and legendary franchise that its name is synonymous with ninjas worldwide, and there isn’t a single nook or cranny left in the world where Naruto’s influence hasn’t permeated. One of the reasons behind this is its extensive world that was slowly built over the years. Since it […]

Anime Manga One Piece

Clash of the Titans: Strongest Active Pirate Crews in One Piece, Ranked

Just a few days ago, I was discussing with my friend who would win between Beast Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates post-Wano. Ultimately, we concluded that whether it’s top guys vs. top guys or the entire fleet vs. the entire fleet, Straw Hats will emerge as the victors. And just today, I was reading the […]

Blog How I Met Your Father TV Series

How I Met Your Father Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Now that the second season of Hilary Duff’s sitcom How I Met Your Father has concluded after an impressive 20 episodes, a rarity for any streaming series, viewers are wondering about the status of a third season. In the July 11 season finale, Sophie, and Jessie share a picture-perfect kiss in a […]

Blog Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One Movies

Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning: Ranking the Perfect Bathroom Breaks

Watch enough movies, and you’ll inevitably encounter one of the medium’s funniest quirks. Depending on how skilled a particular filmmaker is at managing pacing and rhythm, 3-hour-long epics can go by in a breeze while what should’ve been a fun, 90-minute breeze can feel like it takes several hour[…]

Anime Blog Jujutsu Kaisen

Will Satoru Gojo be sealed this season in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Following the highly anticipated release of the latest season of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans across the globe find themselves captivated by many unanswered questions. Why were we suddenly just thrown into Gojo’s past? How is it relevant to the overall plot that takes place in the future? And the most […]

Apple TV+ Blog The Afterparty TV Series

The Afterparty Cast & Character Guide: Recurring and new cast members

The second season of The Afterparty picks up two years after the first season’s events. Aniq, Zoe, and Detective Danner are back to investigate another murder, this time at the wedding of Zoe’s sister, Grace. The groom, Edgar, is found dead in his hotel room the morning after the wedding. Detecti[…]