Anime News Shaman King

Shaman King 2021 Recasts Takehito Koyasu And Many Others From The Original Anime

Shaman King is coming back with an all-new anime adaptation, thereby taking us back to the world full of ghosts, spirits, and gods, which we have been missing for the past 19 years. This rebooted series will be adapting the whole manga, which was completed in 2004, and some of the popular […]

Anime The Promised Neverland Updates

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 4: Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

In Episode 3, Emma and her friends finally reached their destination, where they found a hideout for themselves, left behind by William Minerva for any probable escapees. The hideout was full of surprises, including a mysterious telephone in a secret chamber. Suddenly, the telephone started […]

Dr. Stone Manga Updates

Dr. Stone Chapter 183: Release Date, Delay, Discussion

Chapter 182 revealed that all the medusa devices are as good as new, but still, they require a flawless diamond in its core to reactivate. As insane as it may sound, Senku decided to create their own flawless artificial diamond with science. This way, they will have unlimited resources to power up the devices. Will […]

Anime News World Trigger

World Trigger Season 2 Listed with 13 Episodes! Season 3 Announced!

The World Trigger anime is undoubtedly one of the most improved anime we have seen in recent years, and coming back after a five-year hiatus, it made sure to work on its problems. Season 1’s odd pacing and average-quality animation contributed to the anime becoming one of the least popular […]

Kakegurui Live-Action News

Kakegurui Live-action Sequel Film Reveals New Teaser: Featuring Makuro Shikigami

Initially being a manga by Homura Kawamoto, then an anime, and now a live-action movie series, Kakegurui inherits the anime’s bold aesthetic and adapts to each platform pretty well. I call it a “movie series” because the franchise has already announced a sequel to its first live-action […]

Anime Re:Zero Updates

Re:ZERO Season 2 Episode 17: Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

Episode 16 ended with Subaru befriending Garfiel and thereby getting rid of the last obstacle that stood in the way of freeing the Sanctuary. Now that everything is according to the plan, it’s time for Emilia to go through the trial chamber and face her past one last time. Will she be […]

Kengan Omega Manga Updates

Kengan Omega Chapter 95: Release Date, Delay, Discussion

Chapter 94 revealed the fighters for the seventh round of the tournament. It’s Raian Kure from the Kure clan, facing Alan Wu from the Wu clan. This is a fight of pride between the two warrior families. Wu Xing, the head of the Wu clan, is accused Alan of killing more Wu clan members than […]

Anime News Re:Zero

Re:ZERO-The Prophecy of the Throne Streams Overview Trailer: Launches January 28

Watching the Re:ZERO anime, all of us must have dreamt of possessing Subaru’s ‘Return by Death’ ability. Life would have been so easy if we had the power to undo our mistakes. Luckily, the franchise has come up with a game that will give us a first-hand experience of Subaru’s journey through […]

Anime Hero Mask News

Sentai Filmworks Acquires Video Rights for Studio Pierrot’s Hero Mask Anime

Superheroes aren’t the only ones who wears a mask. Even a warm smile can be a mask to hide the most devilish intentions. Here, the crime thriller anime Hero Mask revolves around a mysterious mask, behind which lies a man who should not exist. With its unique story and western elements added […]

Anime Eureka Seven News

The Final Eureka Seven Film Releases New Trailer And Visual: Debuts Summer 2021

2021 is the year that will end many iconic anime series, and sad news for all mecha lovers out here, Eureka Seven anime is one of them. Just like Gintama, the sci-fi anime will end with a final film to the Eureka Seven: Hi – Evolution film series, thereby completing the trilogy. But let’s […]

Anime Black Clover Updates

Black Clover Episode 161: Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

In Episode 160, Yuno found out that he was the prince of the Spade Kingdom. He got to know how the Dark Triad exiled the House of Grinberryalls and took control over the kingdom. Meanwhile, Zenon attacked the headquarters of the Golden Dwan Squad. With Yuno away, we witnessed a fight between […]

Anime Attack on Titan Updates

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7: Release Date, Preview and Discussion

Episode 6 revolved around Paradis’ attack on Marley, and we got to see our favorite Survey Corps members after a long time. However, the situation wasn’t perfect for a reunion since Eren has declared war on Marley. The episode portrayed how much Eren has changed over the past four years. He […]