Anime The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent Updates

The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent Episode 3: Release Date, Speculation And Watch Online

In Episode 2, Sei grew close to Albert and started spending more time with him. She is finally getting used to this new world, making new friends and learning new potions every day. Johan, Jude and other members of the institute are still clueless about the reason behind Sei’s admirable magic […]

Anime Odd Taxi Updates

Odd Taxi Episode 3: Release Date, Preview And Speculation

Odd Taxi anime takes place in an animal-centric world; it portrays human traits and nature more than most other anime. However, each character resembles a typical kind of person, their desires, and their fears. In Episode 2, Odokawa, the middle-aged taxi driver who almost gave up on the […]

Boruto Manga Updates

Boruto Chapter 57: Release Date, Discussion, Read Online

Code is burning with the flames of revenge; he wants to make Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki pay for what they did to Isshiki. But he alone isn’t enough to take all of them at once, so he is searching for other cyborgs who even surpass Jigen. In Chapter 56, Code broke into one of Boro’s […]

Dragon Ball Universe Manga Updates

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71: Release Date, Discussion, Read Online

In Chapter 70, Granolah used the dragon balls to become the strongest fighter in the universe. But shortcut to such an immense power comes at a great cost; he had to sacrifice 150 years of his remaining lifespan as compensation for his weak body. Heeters realised that Granolah had grown too […]

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Updates

Jujutsu Kaisen 146: Release Date, Delay, Discussion

Itadori and Megumi are still finding a way to free their overpowered Gojo sensei from the Prison Realm. While, a little chat with Master Tengen gave them a rough idea about their upcoming challenges. The Culling Game Arc is finally picking up pace, and it seems an exciting set of events awaits us.

Dr. Stone Manga Updates

Dr. Stone Chapter 193: Release Date, Delay, Discussion

In Chapter 192, Joel set the device to 12800000 meters and activated it. Everything felt like a deja vu, and the human world was once again turned into stone. Don’t worry, Senku claimed to devise a way to bring humanity back to life. Can this reckless move ensure Senku’s victory in this […]

Anime Anime for Kids News

Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point to Premiere Internationally in June 2021

If you were thrilled by the action-packed scenes of the recently released Godzilla vs Kong film, you must be looking forward to something with a bit more well-defined plot. It seems Netflix knows exactly what you are searching for and has already come up with an animated series that revolves […]

Anime Babylon News

Babylon Anime to Release an English Dubbed Version for its Western Audience

The best part about any detective show is understanding the culprit’s philosophy and how they justify their actions in a way that makes us makes us question the concept of “good and evil.” The best example of such a series is Moriarty the Patriot series, where we witness the mind […]

Anime Edens Zero News

Edens Zero Anime; The Perfect Follow-up of Fairy Tail Gets 25 Episodes

It has been almost three years since the last episode of Fairy Tail, and even today, we miss the hallmarks of a typical ‘hero’s quest. However, 2021 is the perfect time to somewhat fill that void with Hiro Mashima’s other work that follows the intergalactic adventure of Shiki Granbell […]

Kengan Omega Manga Updates

Kengan Omega Chapter 105: Release Date, Delay, Discussion

Chapter 104 showed us a glimpse of Nicolas’s power. Akoya couldn’t feel his arm anymore after taking just one hit from him. Nicolas bluntly reveals that Grim Ripper’s key weapon is not a scythe but a small needle. This statement kept us wondering if a needle has something to do with his techniques.

Anime Netflix News The Way of the Househusband

Netflix Announces Way of the Household Season 2 to Calm the Disappointed Fans

Way of the Household is a funky manga that follows a scary gangster leader, Tatsu, who devotes himself totally to the household after retirement. A perfectionist remains a perfectionist even after the change in profession. His fineness can even put veteran homemakers to shame. Despite its […]

Anime Getter Robot News

Getter Robo Arc Anime’s New PV Reveals the New Look of Getter Robo

The Getter Robo franchise is back at our doorsteps with a sequel series that will take us to the world that was once threatened by mechanical dinosaurs. After several years of post-apocalyptic peace, the world is in need of Getter Robo once again. Ryoma’s son Takuma, the human-dinosaur Kamui, […]