Anime Gundam News

Mobile Suit Gundam Unveils an English Subbed Trailer for the Fans

Mobile Suit Gundam, the messiah of mecha genre, has always entertained us with the classic Gundam series. Now the franchise is back again to blow our minds with the powered up mechanical robots. It was already announced that the Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway movie will be rescheduled to May 7th, […]

Anime Bakuten!! News

Fuji TV’s Original Anime Bakuten!! Unveils 2nd PV Revealing New Cast, Staff And OP Theme Song

If you want a story that focuses on gymnastics, friendship, and beautiful sceneries then Bakuten!! is a must-watch for you. This upcoming original TV animation by Fuji TV is part of a joint collaboration with Misaki no Mayoiga and Hula Fulla Dance to promote Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima […]

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Updates

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 136: Release Date, Delay, And Discussions

Yuuji and his friends have a hard time fighting as Suguru Getou unleashes his ultimate powers in Chapter 135 of Jujutsu Kaisen titled “Shibuya Incident: 52.” Choso adamant on saving his brother Yuuji, uses blood manipulation to fight Getou while the others are amazed by his strong cursed powers […]

Anime My Next Life as a Villainess News

My Next Life as A Villainess Season 2: Release Date and New PV Reveals

Our favorite clumsy villainess Bakarina is coming back soon with a sequel of Season 2 of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Season 1 ended with Catarina accepting her fate after achieving the friendship ending. But our pretty heiress was oblivious to the fact that she had […]

Anime Inuyasha Updates

Yashahime Episode 16: Release Date, Predictions, Watch Online

Episode 15 of Yashahime finally reveals what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome. In order to defend the newborn Moroha from getting killed by the hands of Kirinmaru, they had sent her away to the wolf tribe while Inuyasha and Kagome got sealed inside the black rainbow pearl. It was also revealed […]

Anime My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU News

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Gets New Game With an Exclusive OVA

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU throws away the usual trope of a loser MC trying to befriend other students at his school. Instead, the anime gives us Hachiman Hikigaya, a cynic hating the norms of society, who gets thrown into a club filled with troubled teenagers and tries to solve their […]

Anime Attack on Titan News

Attack on Titan: New Visual Celebrates Episode 65’s Massive Story Shift

With the release of Episode 65 of Attack on Titan, we fans were thrilled to see Mikasa, Levi, and the squad return to the series. But, as the episode went on, things quickly took a different and hostile turn with Eren declaring war at Marley and wreaking havoc throughout the place. To celebrate […]

Anime Fate Grand Order News

Famous Illustrator Cogecha Passes Away In June 2020; Family Shares News to Fans

Just when you thought 2020 had taken enough lives, a year later in 2021, we find out about another one added to the list and this time it’s an illustrator famous for his beautiful art. The illustrator is Cogecha who was a well-known name among manga lovers for his beautiful cover art […]

Attack on Titan Manga Updates

Attack on Titan Chapter 137: Release Date, Delay, And Discussions

All eyes were on Falco as he transformed into the Winged Titan and rescued Mikasa, Levi and the other from the Titan’s clutches in chapter 136 of Attack on Titan. Levi and his crew planned to rescue Armin from the Titan that took him while Mikasa asked for Annie’s help, and the team split up to […]

Anime Crunchyroll Dr. Stone News

Dr. Stone Season 2: 11 Episodes Confirmed; Rock Band Fujifabric Drops Senku Narrated CM For OP

Senku is finally back with Dr. Stone Season 2 and we just can’t contain our excitement. Crunchyroll’s sweetheart Dr. Stone has released Episode 1 of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars on January 14 and within a day of its release the series is seeing a boom of positive reviews. But, that’s not all! There is […]

Anime Gintama News

Gintama: Special Two Episode Anime Will Be A Prequel to the Final Movie

Before Gintama’s final movie surprises the fans with its one last journey, a special prequel is here to pick up the pace! We will be able to see Gintoki’s antics again as he tries to help the people get rid of aliens in the popular Gintama franchise. The prequel, Gintama: The Semi-Final, will be […]

Anime Horimiya san to Miyamura News

Horimiya Surpasses Kaguya-Sama To Become The Biggest Romantic Comedy Debut For Winter 2021

Do opposites really attract? That’s what most of us really had in mind when we first tuned in to watch Horimiya. The sweet development of two complete strangers from high school friends to eventually a couple made our hearts skip a beat. Based on Hero’s 2007 manga Hori-san to Miyamura-kun […]