Manga News One Piece Updates

One Piece Chapter 983: Release Date, Raw Scans, Leaks, Read

The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew in search of the legendary treasure – One Piece, have been serializing chapters for over two decades. This 900+ chapter series is often regarded as the King of Manga because of it being the highest-grossing manga for a decade. One Piece released chapter 982 on Sunday, […]

Manga News The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland Twitter Account Teases Spinoff Manga

The Promised Neverland is one of the top psychological thriller manga. For as long as it was serialized, it always managed to give us goosebumps. The manga ended its four-year-long journey with chapter 181’s recent release. Emma | Source: Fandom The Promised Neverland’s official Twitter recently posted a series of tweets addressing the end of […]

Anime News Rent-A-Girlfriend

Rent-A-Girlfriend Anime Home Release Format Announced

Kodansha’s Rent-A-Girlfriend manga series was picked up for an animated adaptation by TMS Entertainment. Recently, the anime’s premiere date was revealed to be July 10, 2020., a retail website, recently revealed that Kodansha’s Rent-A-Girlfriend anime will have 12 episodes in its first season. These 12 episodes will be split into four home releases of […]

Anime Hortensia Saga News

Hortensia Saga TV Anime Release Date, Promotional Video

While most anime are based on manga, some take inspiration from other sources such as video games. One of the most significant examples is the Pokemon anime based off of the Pokemon game. Hortensia Saga, an up and coming mobile game, was recently picked for an anime adaptation. Hortensia Saga | Source: Hortensia Saga anime […]

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga News The Promised Neverland

Demon Slayer vs. The Promised Neverland: Which manga pulled off a better finale?

Two of the highest-grossing series published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump – Demon Slayer and The Promised Neverland concluded recently. While both mangas ended on a somewhat happy note, a question comes to my mind – Which manga pulled off a better finale? Demon Slayer | Source: YouTube Firstly, both mangas are set in a […]

Anime Log Horizon News

Log Horizon Season 3 DELAYED Due to COVID-19 Scare

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has caused several delays in the production of anime and manga. Even though industries are trying their best to keep up with their schedules, some delays are just inevitable. Log Horizon | Source: Crunchyroll Log Horizon’s much anticipated third season, Log Horizon: Roundtable Collapse, was supposed to premiere in October 2020. […]

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Manga News Updates

Kaguya Sama Chapter 192: Release Date, Delay, Scans, Read Online

Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai is an award-winning live manga series. It follows Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane’s unique, heated romance in which neither of them accepts their love for the other, despite it being so obvious! The manga released chapter 191 last Thursday. So, it’s time to discuss the release date, scans, and other details for […]

Kingdom Manga News

MAJOR DEATH Teased by Kingdom Chapter 644 Raw Scans

With Gyou’s inevitable downfall, fans of the Kingdom were finally in for a treat with Shin becoming a general. Qin Generals | Source: Kingdom – Wiki Fandom Raw scans of Chapter 644 of the Kingdom were recently released. The single-panel raw scans revealed a major detail – King Tou Jou is dead. Not much information […]

Anime News One Piece

One Piece Episode 930 Release Date & Other Details

The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew in search of the legendary treasure — One Piece, has been going on for over two decades. One Piece | Source: YouTube One Piece’s anime is currently exploring the Wano arc. Episode 929 was released on April 19, after which the anime went on a break […]

Manga News The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland Manga has Ended! Ending Explained

The Promised Neverland’s manga started its journey in December 2016 and it gained a massive readership thanks to its psychological thriller vibe. With “The Promise” being re-written by Emma, the main plot of the series has concluded. Today, chapter 181, titled “Beyond Destiny” was released and concluded this EPIC manga, The Promised Neverland. The tale […]

Manga News One Piece

One Piece Chapter 982 WILL REVEAL Marco’s Message to Luffy

Marco “The Phoenix” made his first appearance in the Wano arc last week. Along with Nekomamushi and Izo, Marco finally made it to Wano. During his last appearance in the manga, he asked Nekomamushi to deliver a message to Luffy as he had to stay back and defend Whitebeard’s hometown. Marco The Phoenix | Source: […]

Anime Fairy Tail News

Edens Zero by Fairy Tail’s Author Will Get an Anime Adaptation

Edens Zero, an up and coming sci-fi manga, is about to release its 10th volume on June 17. After receiving a positive response from the readers, the manga is getting its anime adaptation. Hiro Mashima, the manga’s creator, recently announced on Twitter that Edens Zero is getting an anime adaptation. Along with this, he posted […]