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Kingdom Chapter 642: Release Date, Delay, Spoilers, Read Online

Gyou has fallen and it is time we finally see Shin becoming a general. Chapter 641 focused on Shin’s new name, ceremony and other events happening in Kanyou. Kingdom Chapter 642 is next, so it’s time to discuss the release date, scans, and other details we know. 1. Chapter 642 Release Date Kingdom Chapter 642 […]

Anime Digimon News

Digimon Adventure will Rebroadcast from June 7

In April, the new Digimon series: Digimon Adventure was stopped due to the pandemic. Toei Animation confirmed this hiatus on Twitter, and there was no information about when the series will be back. Three episodes had come out before the anime was delayed due to COVID-19. Crunchyroll was streaming it as it aired in North […]

Anime Kingdom News

Kingdom Live-Action Part 2 Announced, Release Date, News

There is no third category, you either like live-action adaptations or think they are meh. However, it’s always interesting to look at the human forms of our favorite characters. Most live-action adaptations fail when they try to incorporate more than one arc into the two-hour-long movie. But Kingdom didn’t screw up, the film was great […]

Anime Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma News

Food Wars! Season 5 to Resume Broadcast in July with Episode 1

The Food Wars! anime entered into the BLUE arc of the manga with its second episode titled “The Blue Preliminaries” which was released last month. However, further episode releases were stopped due to COVID-19. Recently, the creator duo of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma also came up with a one-shot on May 25. It was […]

Anime News

RetroCrush adds Cult Classic Anime to its Catalogue Starting June

RetroCrush, formerly a Youtube channel uploading video clips of classic anime, took a big leap and upgraded to a streaming service in March 2020. News of a Youtube channel upgrading to a paid video on demand (VOD) service and competing with streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu attracted a lot of attention. The service […]

Manga News The Promised Neverland Updates

The Promised Neverland Chapter 179: Release Date, Scans, Read

Chapter 179 will most probably be the last chapter of The Promised Neverland manga. The promise was rewritten by Emma, and the kids were transported to the human world. Sonju and Mujika accompanied Emma and kids during their final moments in the demon world. They all realized that even with Mujika as queen, the threat […]

Manga News The Promised Neverland

How The Promised Neverland’s Rushed Ending is disappointing

The first arc of The Promised Neverland was one of the best shounen arcs. After producing such an epic start, it is quite challenging to continue with the good work. After the Goldy Pond episode, the manga was just going downhill. Now, as the manga is coming to an end, fans have huge complaints with […]

Anime Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) News

Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 Cour II DELAYED Due to COVID-19

The Seven Deadly Sins manga ended last March. Kodansha published the manga’s 41st and final volume on May 15. It has an ongoing anime series as well which doesn’t even come close to the manga’s quality due to its poor animation, which was a main reason behind a disappointing Season 3. Season 3 was actually […]

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Manga News

New Manga Series in Development by the Author of Food Wars!

Fans were shocked when Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma announced its end following the Noir arc of the series as it seemed too soon. But, Yuto Tsukuda felt that it was the best time to bring the series to an end. Initially, there was some confusion on how to conclude Soma’s ongoing love story but […]

Anime News Pokémon

Pokemon: Does Mewthree exist? Recent Game Rumors Riles up Fans

Mewtwo has a pretty dark history – born from a pregnant Mew, who was found deep in Guyana’s jungles, with its embryo tampered with to alter its DNA. Mew was kidnapped and held in Giovanni’s mansion where a Team Rocket scientist, Blaine, in Tauros the Tyrant performed horrific gene-splicing experiments on the poor creature to […]

Akudama Drive Anime Manga News

Akudama Drive: Manga Licensed for the Original Anime Series

In March, Too Kyo Games along with Studio Pierrot, announced an original anime series called Akudama Drive for release in July 2020. It instantly gained attention for being an original anime and not based on a manga or video game. Check out our complete article on Akudama Drive Season 1: However, due to COVID-19, the […]

Anime Haikyu!! News

Haikyu!! To The Top Cour 2 (Season 4) DELAYED Due to COVID-19

Each episode of Haikyu!!’s new season, has been a nail-biter. It was announced at the very beginning that Haikyu!! To the Top would be a split-cour anime comprising 25 episodes. A split-cour happens when a season of an anime takes a break for a few months before resuming the broadcast. As of episode 13, Karasuno, […]