Black Clover Manga

Black Clover Manga Returns for Final Saga

Yuki Tabata went on a 3-month hiatus but came back to his readers with mind-blowing titles in Chapter 332 (“Final Declaration”) and in Chapter 333 (“The World’s Savior and its Flaw”). With these intriguing titles, I noticed how Chapters 332 and 333 alone had tone shifts that made readers feel o[…]

Anime The Rising of the Shield Hero

Can Naofumi and L’Arc’s New Team up Defeat Kyo?

Episode 6 of “The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 2 ended with a bang: Ost Horai died and Kyo ran off with the Spirit Tortoise’s souls. Will Naofumi and his team ever claim victory?

Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

How many more TV Anime seasons will Demon Slayer have?

Many fans know for sure that the Demon Slayer franchise will be popular in the future generation. Now that Season 2 has wrapped up, how many more seasons will the TV anime present?

Anime Rent-A-Girlfriend

How did Mami Expose Kazuya and Chizuru’s Secret Rental Relationship?

Mami Nanami just dropped a bombshell in Chapters 221 and 222 of Rent-A-Girlfriend; and let’s not be surprised what that is. We’ve all known that the cat’s gonna get out of the bag, but I didn’t expect it to come this soon!