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Anime FUNimation News Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu

Funimation Streams Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut Anime Starting Sunday

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut is an upcoming fall anime series that has got me having tissues in one hand and crying emojis in the other. The story follows a vampire girl named Irina Ruminescu, training for the first crewed mission to space. In reality, she is just a test subject being cruelly[…]

Anime News Rusted Armors

Catch Demon King Oda Nobunaga in Action with Rusted Armors’ Trailer

The warring states period of Japan, better known as the Sengoku era, was when legends were born from Demon King Oda Nobunaga to the legendary land of Ashina. Though some legends are more accurate than others, this upcoming anime titled “Rusted Armors” tries its best at blending the real with[…]

Anime Crunchyroll News The Fruit of Evolution ~Before I Knew It

Isekai Anime “The Fruit of Evolution” to Stream on Crunchyroll This Week

One upcoming anime that’s making quite a buzz is “The Fruit of Evolution,” a series that doesn’t even pretend to have a serious plot. The story centers around an isekai-ed guy who dates a gorilla and somehow evolves it into a girl. Truthfully, even though the years of isekai anime have made me[…]

Manga News

Free Manga and More, Manga Plus by Shueisha is Now Available in French

Shueisha launched the Manga Plus web platform and smartphone app on January 8, 2019, to meet the demand of the English-speaking market. Subsequently, seeing the demand from other languages such as Spanish, Indonesian, and others, the service started including many different languages[…]

Manga News Sakamoto Days

Shin’s Clairvoyance Evolves in Latest Sakamoto Days Chapter

With X’s death row inmates hot on the tails of Sakamoto and his family, it was only a matter of time before the two clashed, but what happened in Sakamoto Days chapter 40 was quite unexpected. As Lu and Shin fought Saw, one of the serial killers hired by bounty hunter assassin ‘X’ Shin’s[…]

Manga My Hero Academia News

Things Finally Get Normal in My Hero Academia’s Latest Chapter

Okay, My Hero Academia fans, it’s time to take a deep breath because sensei Kohei Horikoshi has clarified that the latest chapter is all about “Rest” with double exclamation marks. With the previous heavy-hitting chapters that had even All Might questioning his self-worth, the MHA community[…]

Anime Drifting Home Netflix News

Studio Colorido’s Film Drifting Home to Exclusively Stream on Netflix

Studio Colorido, the minds and hands behind anime hits such as A Whisker Away and Star Wars: Vision, is creating another exciting new movie for Netflix titled “Drifting Home.” Revealed at Netflix’s global fan event “TUDUM,” “Drifting Home” is being helmed by director Hiroyasu Ishida and is[…]

Anime Lupin the Third News

Lupin the Third Theatrical Engagement for October Brings 50 Year Nostalgia

With the age-old noir anime series “Lupin The Third” celebrating its golden anniversary this year, we all knew something big was in the bag. And with Lupin’s part 6 just about to premiere this fall, the upcoming anime has surprised many fans as they will witness the gentleman thief take[…]

Anime My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia Drops Season 6 Teaser with Deku and Shigaraki Facing Off

With “My Hero Academia” closing curtains on season 5, the hype among fans is higher than ever. Adding fuel to fire, the official Twitter handle for “My Hero Academia” recently shared a teaser for the upcoming season 6 featuring Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. The 15-second teaser[…]

Anime Classroom for Heroes News

Power Fantasy Series Classroom for Heroes to Receive an Anime Adaptation

Who doesn’t enjoy tales of overpowered MCs trying their best to lay low at school while also getting tons of waifus and saving the world between summer breaks? So, if you were craving some Anos Voldigoad-esque action, look no further than the upcoming anime “Classroom for Heroes[…]

Anime News Reincarnated as a Sword

Reincarnated As A Sword Anime Series To Take Isekai Into New Horizons

First, you reincarnated as a hero, then you became slime, but a brave soul out there asked, “Why limit ourselves to living beings?” So here we have a pioneer in the isekai genre, “Reincarnated as a Sword.” An anime about a man (and say it with me) who reincarnates as a sword in a fantasy[…]

Dr. Stone Manga News

Set your Eyes On The Moon, Dr. Stone Final Arc Begins October 2021

With Dr. Stone’s latest chapter wrapping up Senku’s world tour, the manga is finally gearing towards the showdown between the Kingdom of Science and the mysterious antagonist “Why-man.” Though the manga and its anime adaptation have made Senku and his friends one of the most endearing[…]

Anime Crunchyroll Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House News

Kiyo In Kyoto: From The Maiko House Trailer Shares Mouthwatering Food

Kyoto city is quite famous with the otaku community as the prime location for every anime school trip arc to grace our screens. So, when the Japanese broadcaster NHK unveiled its anime project “Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House,” it became a sensation like no other. The series takes place in[…]

Anime News TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy-

Tsukimichi: Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Announced with A Hilarious Visual

The finale of isekai anime Tsukimichi: Moonlight Fantasy was everything fans hoped for, from mountain obliterating attacks to bits of innocent fanservice. Even the memers went haywire as the internet flooded with pictures of the protagonist Makoto Misumi’s comically severed fingers. Now that[…]

Anime News Takt Op. Destiny

Takt Op. Destiny Trailer Shows Magical Girls Fight Monsters with Music

Just like its name, the upcoming anime series “Takt Op. Destiny” by MAPPA and Madhouse had been an enigma, but now all the notes have started to align in symphony. An original mixed-media project, ‘Takt op.,’ takes place in a world ravaged by monsters known as ‘D2’, who are attracted to music[…]

Anime Crunchyroll News Tawawa on Monday

Need Monday Motivation? ‘Tawawa on Monday’ Season 2 Streams on Crunchyroll

One cannot imagine anime without the sea of fanservice that floods the internet everywhere. The enticing eye candies are so rampant that even “for-children” series are guilty of it. ‘Tawawa on Monday,’ an anime series inspired by the doujin(self-published) illustration of illustrator Kiseki[…]

Anime News The Duke of Death and His Maid

The Duke of Death and His Black Maid S2 Reveals Teaser ft Alice and Duke

No phrase better fits the romantic anime series ‘The Duke of Death and His Maid’ than ‘So close, yet so far,’ ironically, no other phrase also best describes the wait for its second season. After the finale of its first season ended on a bittersweet note as Duke confronted his mother and[…]

Manga My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia Novel “Sakura” Reveals Cover Art And October 4 Launch

When it comes to My Hero Academia, we are all quite familiar with its manga, anime, and movie series, but as master Yoda rightfully said, “There is another.” And it’s none other than My Hero Academia novel series titled “School Briefs,” a collection of books that document the not so flashy[…]

Dr. Stone Manga News

Dr. Stone Chapter 211: Senku Wraps Up World Tour with a Tasty Surprise

The long and tenacious journey Senku and his crew took to gather resources and find answers to the mystery of petrification is coming to a close. While we learned the cause of the stone age, the reason and motives of the mysterious antagonist ‘Why-man’ is still an enigma. In the latest chapter[…]

Anime News Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Magia Record Season 2 Teases The Anime’s Recap Special Episode Tomorrow

The feeling of a letdown when you expect an actual episode but instead get a recap special is a rite of passage in the anime community. The latest one to undergo this rite is none other than the fans of the twisted magical girl anime titled “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” After the finale of its[…]

Anime KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops News

Relive Nostalgia with Kochikame’s One-Shot in Upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump

The misadventures of Ryotsu from the legendary series ‘Kochikame’ kept us pretty entertained throughout the years. From memorable characters to over-the-top plotlines and a headbanging theme song, this saga of a cheapskate police officer is unforgettable. Maybe that is the reason why mangaka[…]

Anime News Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It

Rikekoi Season 2 Surprises Fans with A Sneaky New Title “r = 1-sinθ”

After the climax of “Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it,” season 1 left us awed at the high-value kiss maneuver between Yukimura and Himuro. You don’t need a Ph.D. to know that fans want more of their nerdy action. The rom-com series about two scientists kept us quite warm in the[…]

Anime Black Rock Shooter News

New Black Rock Shooter Anime Project Started, Shares Stunning Visuals

Though the days of moe-emo anime are long past us, the iconic series “Black Rock Shooter” has risen from the ashes like Phoenix. The Balck Rock Shooter production committee unveiled the anime project titled “Black ★★ Rock Shooter DAWN FALL” today (September 16) with a new key visual[…]

Anime Dragon Quest: Dai no Daiboken News

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Receives Stunning New Visual and OP Song

Dragon Quest, the grandad of action RPG and shonen anime, made quite a splash in 2020 with the reboot of one of its most beloved tales, “The Adventures of Dai.” Now, as the anime series moves into its final stages, Dai and his parties have finally departed to the Kingdom of Carl for the[…]

Anime Love After World Domination News

Love After World Domination Receives New Visual and Cast before 2022 Debut

It takes real guts to confess your love, and no one knows it better than Fudou Aikawa, a hero who has no bounds when it comes to romance. But in love, even a professional hero might stumble, especially if the recipient of the confession is none other than the villainess herself. So get ready[…]

Black Clover Manga News

Langris’s Loophole to Zenon’s Absolute Space: Spatial Mana Domination

With each new Black Clover chapter, the demon hosts who seemed indestructible are falling to the wayside. Ironically, the people bringing down these monsters are not even the main characters, from Gadjah to Magna to Rill, all have proved their worth to be the top tier side characters. And with[…]

Anime News Visual Prison

Visual Prison’s Trailer has Vampires Rocking to Metal Music this October

If I had to pick the most visually enticing anime that’s coming this fall, it hands down has to be Visual Prison, a vampiric tale twisted with music and love. Inspired by the visual kei music genre known for its goth aesthetic and heavy metal music, Visual Prison takes everything the subculture[…]

Anime News Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World Season 2’s PV Delves into Lively Friendships

Those who say isekai anime are trash have probably never seen the engaging and earnest tale of an isekai restaurant that changes the lives of its patrons. Restaurant to Another World is such a gem in the current isekai charts that no other anime has replicated its heartwarming homely feel[…]

Anime News Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano Trailer has Fans Falling for The Quintessential Yaoi Saga

Though it is hard to replicate the convoluted romance tales of chance meetings and love at first sight in real life, many still have these aspirations. Luckily for Yoshikazu Miyano, the self-proclaimed expert of Fujoshi/ BL literature, his long-sought tale of a bad-boy senpai falling for him is[…]

Anime Date A Live News

Date A Live Season 4 Trailer has Goth Waifu Tokisaki Kurumi Go on Rampage

After the last season of “Date A Live’’ had fans on quite a precarious note with Shido Itsuka’s power going berserk. It was quite wholesome to see all the Spirit girls coming together and reaffirming their love for the MC. But for fans of this classic harem series, who thought that they[…]

Anime News

Explore your Own Isekai Anime with the Latest NFT Project AnimeLoot

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are all the buzz these days, everything from the ridiculous amount of money generated to the absolute insanity of the products available for sale through them. All these seem to reach new heights every week, and it looks like it has inspired some otakus to come up[…]

Anime Fantasia Sango News

Fantasia Sango Anime Suffers Major Blow as Release Date Postponed

China’s Three Kingdoms era has inspired many fascinating stories, everything ranging from grand warfare to the nitty-gritty of politics. The scale of Three Kingdoms is so vast that even after countless movies, video games, anime, and manga adaptations, there seems to be no shortage of stories[…]

Anime Goodbye Don Glees News

Goodbye, Don Glees! Anime Trailer Shows Fantastical Waterfalls and More

Sometimes hitting the road with your friends with nowhere to go can lead to beautiful stories that we can recount till we are old. Roma, Toto, and Drop, members of the “Don Glees” group, too, are about to hit the road in the upcoming anime film “Goodbye, Don Glees!.” And their journey might be[…]

Anime Hula Fulla Dance News

Hula Fulla Dance’s Trailer has the Hawaiian Idols Dancing to New Tunes

Getting a job has always been an experience loaded with anxiety and pressure because if you are ill-suited for work, it can lead to much frustration. And as a rookie dancer, Hiwa Natsunagi from Hula Fulla Dance can attest to the frustration firsthand. But as she learns the ropes of being a[…]

Anime News The Fruit of Evolution ~Before I Knew It

Isekai Anime “The Fruit of Evolution” Receives New Visual and Cast Members

Well, they say looks are not everything, and the only thing that matters is what’s on the inside, but this upcoming isekai is pushing it to the absolute limit. “The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made” follows the weird tale of an isekai protagonist named Seiichi Hiiragi[…]

Anime News Orient

Orient Anime’s New Trailer has Katana Weilding Samurais Fly Motorbikes

If you were craving a shonen anime that delivers on the age-old tale of two polar opposite friends teaming up to slay monster gods, then look no further than “Orient.” Set in a world where humankind is subservient to monsters worshiped as gods, we follow the deuteragonist to save everyone in[…]

Anime News Sing A Bit Of Harmony

Sing a Bit of Harmony’s New PV has Satomi Fight for Shion and her Rights

Throw your Siri out of the window because the perfect waifu A.I. has arrived, and her goal is to make you happy. The upcoming fall anime film “Sing a Bit of Harmony” has the ideal A.I. named Shion, who is Alexa’s envy and Siri’s bane. Someone who can be your true friend and also lull you to[…]

Anime High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku News

High School Family Manga Volume Two to Receive Reprint Next Week

If you think going to school with your siblings is embarrassing? You should pray for Kotaro from High School Family manga as he attends school with his entire family. This comedy series by mangaka Ryo Nakama has poor Kotaro swallow the hard pill that his father, mother, sister, and even[…]

Anime News Under Ninja

Gag Manga “Under Ninja” to Receive TV Anime Adaptation

Ninjas have always been the symbol of discipline and hard work, but Kuro Kumogakure from the “Under Ninja” is everything but that. Mangaka Kengo Hanazawa’s tale of Kuro, the deadly combination of a NEET and a Ninja, is set in a world where ninjas still roam the streets waiting to receive their[…]

Anime My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia Episode 110 Leaves Himiko Toga on Brink of Death

With My Hero Academia’s “My Villain Academia” arc in full swing, our amoral psychopaths are going on a rampage like no other, genuinely showcasing why they are called the Villains of the show. Though not all is well with the cheery and thoughtful villainess, Himiko Toga after she suffers[…]

Anime News Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu

Space Anime “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu” to Premiere this Fall in October

Exploration has always been considered one of the noble traits of Humans as a species, but our adventures are not always that glorious. Similarly, according to the upcoming series “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu,” our voyage to stars is no less different. The story follows a vampire girl named[…]

Live-Action Netflix News One Piece

Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Series Receives Logo Inspired by the Manga

After what felt like an eternity, we have finally received confirmation that One Piece’s upcoming Hollywood live adaptation is in the works, and the announcement’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As Eiichiro Oda’s culture-defining series celebrates its upcoming volume 100 of the manga[…]

86 -Eighty Six- Anime News

86 Eighty Six’s Trailer shows off Lena’s New Cold Looks Before Fall Debut

After the 86 – Eighty Six – cour one finale ended with the Spearhead’s last stand against the legion, and their teary letter to Lena, the hidden gem of Spring 2021, is back with its much-anticipated cour two. The official website for Asato Asato’s 86 -Eighty Six- recently revealed a new trailer[…]

Anime News Otoboku

Otoboku 3: Trinkle Stars OVA Adaptation to Arrive this Christmas

We have heard many stories where the bodyguards go too far to protect their clients, but it’s only in anime that you will find souls who are brave enough to take it to the next level. So it came as no surprise to me when Otoboku announced its upcoming OVA, which follows the tale of a similarly[…]

Anime Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) News

Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light to Arrive on Netflix this October

After finally winning the Holy war, I thought this was the end of the road for the Seven Deadly Sins, but it seems like guarding peace is even more challenging than achieving it. Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light anime film brings together the team of ragtag heroes as they fight off a new[…]

'Deji' Meets Girl Anime News

‘Deji’ Meets Girl’s New Trailer has Our MCs Takes off in Surreal Reality

If you want a topsy turvy tale that will make you float, then look no further than the upcoming short anime series “Deji” Meets Girl.” The original short anime follows the curious mind of a bored high schooler Maise Higa who meets a mysterious boy named Ichirō Suzuki. Though they say[…]

Anime News Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san’s Season 3 Teaser Reveals Long-awaited Confession

After the last season of “Teasing Master, Takagi-San” left our eyes sparkling and hearts fluttering with the iconic fireworks festival, the “teasing” tale of Nishikata and Takagi is back again for another season and a film. The official website of Sōichirō Yamamoto’s “Teasing Master Takagi-san”[…]

Anime News To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity Anime to Return for A Second Season in Fall 2022

Clutch your pack of tissues close because “To Your Eternity” just announced its plans for a second season. The 2021 spring adventure anime about an immortal named Fushi concluded season one on Monday with some of the teariest moments we have had so far. As Fushi said a final goodbye to his ado[…]

Dr. Stone Manga News

Dr. Stone Ch. 208: Senku Ushers in the Digital Age with Computer and Bank

In chapter 208, the race to build the stone world’s first computer is finally over. As Senku ushers in the Digital age, the hopes are high, but the final destination is still far away. We all know about the threat that looms over the Kingdom of Science, as the mysterious “Why-Man”[…]

Anime Lady Napoleon News

Netflix’s Lady Napoleon Anime Visual Vouches for A World Conquering Waifu

Taking over the world is not an easy task, but who said you couldn’t try? Netflix’s upcoming original anime series “Lady Napoleon ” follows the footsteps of Sophie and her highly sophisticated team as they try to take over the world. Through its official Twitter handle, Netflix announced today[…]

Anime News Saiyuki

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Trailer Reveals Demon Slaying Priest Hazel Grouse

Get ready for some western gunslinging action because Saiyuki Reload just released its first trailer for its upcoming Zeroin anime series. The official website of Kazuya Minekura’s Saiyuki Reload – Zeroin anime series released a trailer featuring the additional cast members on Sunday (August 29[…]

Manga Megumi Amano Is Full of Openings! News

Megumi Amano is Full of Openings! Manga Receives Final Chapter Next Week

As Shindou finally confesses his feeling for his childhood friend Amano, the five-year saga of mangaka Nekoguchi ecchi comedy aptly titled “Megumi Amano Is Full of Openings!” is about to end its run. So far, we have been on a rollercoaster of ecchi scenes so poignant that it is enough to make[…]

Anime Edens Zero News

Eden Zero Youtube Channel Reveals Shiki Aoki’s Teary Blooper Moments and More

Christmas has come early for Eden Zero fans, as their favorite voice talents reveal behind-the-scenes bloopers. The official website of Hiro Mashima’s Eden Zero announced this Friday (August 27) that its Youtube Channel titled “EDENS ZERO Channel” has launched on the video-sharing site to[…]

Anime My Senpai Is Annoying News

My Senpai is Annoying Anime Trailer Delivers Justice to Senpais Worldwide

Get ready for a love story mixed up with unsolicited head pats and godforsaken deadlines because the office love story “My Senpai is Annoying” just released its trailer. The series follows Futaba Igarashi, a tiny hardworking office lady who develops feelings for her loud, brash, and blunt[…]

Anime News Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san Leak Hints at New Anime Season and Movie in 2022

After a recent online report hinted at a possible third season and an anime movie, the fans of the hit rom-com series “Teasing Master Takagi-san” can’t keep quiet. The rom-com manga by Sōichirō Yamamoto stole everyone’s heart with its “teasing” tale of two middle schoolers’ shenanigans[…]

Anime News Strike Witches

Dark Cloud Looms Over Luminous Witches as Anime Series Postpones to 2022

War. War never changes, but waifus do, and this time they are about to take over the world through the sheer power of idol mania, or at least that’s what we thought. The official website of Luminous Witches announced on Friday(August 27) that the anime production committee has decided[…]

Anime Given News

Given OVA Trailer Reveals Mafuyu’s Tragic Past with his Late Boyfriend

After the yaoi anime series, Given set our hearts fluttering in 2019, we finally have anime’s definitive take on the Mafuyu and Ritsuka relationship. The upcoming OVA series will follow the fan-favorite duo as they bridge their gaps through music and face their past demons. The story will be a[…]

Cells at Work! Manga News

Cells At Work! Baby Manga Resumes this September After Three Month Hiatus

Truthfully, even after studying biology for years, it’s hard to stomach all the process that happens inside our bodies all the time. One such beautiful yet perplexing process is child development. Luckily, Cells at Work: Baby is back again to give us a “kawaii” look at our favorite cell[…]

Anime Free! News

Haruka Reaches for the Eye of the Tiger in Free! The Final Stroke Trailer

Though the real Olympics is over and done, the biggest sporting event for anime fans this year is yet to begin. As the Iwatobi Swim Club preps for the Sydney tournament in Free! – The Final Stroke. The swimming saga that had us on our heels for the last eight years is ready to take us on a ride[…]

Anime News Slow Loop

Get Hooked on Upcoming Fishing Anime Slow Loop’s Enticing Trailer And Cast

In anime, step sisters and brothers always seem to fall from the sky. Characters go from being a couple of strangers to all-out family members in a matter of seconds. Something quite similar happened to Hiyori and Koharu from the upcoming anime Slow Loop. The story follows these two teenage[…]

Anime News Summer Ghost

Illustrator Loundraw’s Summer Ghost Movie Receives New Wistful Anime Short

High school is truly one of the most defining moments of one’s life; it lies at the crossroads of understanding ourselves and the world outside. Though for Tomoya, Aoi, and Ryō from the upcoming anime film Summer Ghost, it’s a time full of turmoil and despair. Nevertheless, all it takes is a[…]

Anime In The Land Of Lealand News

Explore A Brand New Reality in The Land of Leadale New Anime Trailer

If being a 17 year old with 200-year old kids seems intriguing enough for you, then Cayna and her crazy adventures in the Land of Leadale are going to pull you right in. This upcoming isekai anime follows Keina Kagami, who awakens in a fantasy-like game world after a horrific accident[…]

Anime Muteking: The Dancing Hero News

Immerse Yourself in Disco with Muteking The Dancing Hero this October 2

Are you reminiscent of the neon lights, roller skate cafes, or the banger tunes of the 70s and 80s? Lucky for you, Muteking the Dancing Hero is here to fix you all with a dose of nostalgia. Set in the dazzling city of Neo San Francisco, we follow Muteki, someone who thoroughly enjoys everything[…]

Anime Free! News

Free! The Final Stroke Part One Teases New Information And Trailer Tomorrow

As the launch date of Free! – The Final Stroke rushes in like an eagle; KyoAni is doing everything it can to make the last addition of the swimming saga end with a bang. Free! stole the hearts of many when it debuted way back in 2013, and now after eight years, we are finally here to see the[…]

Anime News Sonny Boy

Eerie Summer Anime Sonny Boy by Studio Madhouse Receives Mindbending Trailer

Nagara and his classmates dreamt of spending their summer vacation just like every other high schooler, but who would have known that fate had completely different plans for them? In the ongoing season, Sonny Boy immediately stands out from the crowd. Its unique art style and mind-bending story[…]

Anime FUNimation News The Promised Neverland

Funimation Streams English Dub of The Promised Neverland Season Two

After the storm of The Promised Neverland season two, many fans had mixed feelings about the anime’s original take on the manga. While some loved it, others passionately hated its speedrun-level pacing of the final arc. So, if you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump into the debate[…]

Manga News Rent-A-Girlfriend

Ready for Romantic Chaos? Rent A Girlfriend Volume 23 Arrives October 15

As Kazuya, Ruka, and Chizuru head to Hawaii for a much-needed break, drama ensues at this rollercoaster ride of love and chaos. As the tensions rise, Kazuya Kinoshita, the hopeless protagonist of Rent-A-Girlfriend, who has turned the two-way street of love into a roundabout, can woefully prove[…]

Anime Komi Can't Communicate News

Komi Can’t Communicate’s New PV Debuts Komi-san’s Bizarre but Cute Friends

Komi Can’t Communicate anime has just revealed a new trailer and visual with additional cast before its October 2021 debut.

Anime My Hero Academia News

Villains Steal Spotlight In My Hero Academia Season 5’s Latest Visual

With the internships finally over, our budding heroes have started a new semester at UA. Now, as we gear up for the biggest arc in My Hero Academia, the Villains are about to get their due. After the last episode revealed some bits and pieces about the League of Villains and their maniacal[…]

Anime How Not to Use Healing Magic: Recovery Team Running Through the Battlefield News

Get Ready for a Healing Adventure in How Not to Use Healing Magic Anime

The evening of an ordinary high schooler, Usato was going extraordinarily well. He got to take a walk with the beautiful class president Suzune and made a new friend in Kazuki, the vice president. But as we all know, as the protagonist of a light novel titled “How Not to Use Healing Magic[…]

Manga News

From Yaoi to Horror, Bessatsu Shonen’s New Manga Titles Cover All Genres

Whenever a magazine announces its upcoming manga catalog, it’s like Christmas for readers. With a dash of excitement and pinch of anxiety, all hopes lie on mangaka to pump out great titles for us all. Recently Bessatsu Shōnen Champion magazine announced its new titles, and it’s looking[…]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Live-Action News

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan’s Live-Action is Revived with 3 New Episodes

After Kishibe Rohan’s debut in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable, the eccentric manga artist with mind-altering power has starred in many JoJo spinoffs. Now, he is finally back with his live-action series. Based on the namesake manga by Hirohiko Araki, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan’s[…]

Anime Blue Lock News

Team Z’s Fiery Eyes Hypes up Blue Lock’s Long-Awaited Anime Teaser And Visual

The anxiety that had been bubbling under the skin of every Blue Lock fan has finally erupted out in joyous cheer as the sports manga gets its long-due anime adaptation. Blue Lock is considered one of the best sports series for its unique take on Soccer. The series takes place in a prison-like[…]

Anime Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day News

Anohana 10th Anniversary Event’s Stage Play to Reveal Characters’ Future

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day took us by storm in 2011 through its tear-jerking story of friendships falling apart and unrequited love. Even to this day, the show is among the best anime has to offer. The tale of Jinta and Menma as they try to mend the broken bridges and rekindle[…]

Anime My Hero Academia News

Alice in Borderland’s Shinsuke Satō to Direct My Hero Academia Live-Action

y Hero Academia is undeniably one of the sensational series this year. Its manga has us on our edge, its TV anime has us begging for more, and its latest anime movie is wrecking box office records left and right. Well, certainly can’t get better than this, right? Surprisingly, it turns out[…]

Anime News The Tatami Galaxy

Tatami Galaxy’s Long-Awaited Sequel Entices Us with Time Twisting Teaser

What will you do if you had the means to time travel? Will you prevent tragedies or go back in time to meet your loved ones? For our squad of time travelers in Tatami Galaxy, these higher aspirations are lofty compared to the aim of fixing the broken remote to the air. Such is the tale of this[…]

Anime News Ousama Ranking

Get Ready for Ousama Ranking’s Heartwarming Underdog Tale in Fall 2021

Don’t we all need a friend who sticks with us through thick and thin like a shadow? Somehow, cute Prince Bojji from the upcoming anime Ousama Ranking got precisely that: a friendly shadow named Kage. The anime by Studio Wit will charm you with its underdog story of deaf yet brave Prince[…]

Anime News The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

Tensai Ouji Light Novel Celebrates Anime Adaptation with Cute Chibi Shorts

We all have days when a day at work feels like a straight visit to hell, but luckily we get weekends off. But for Prince Wein of Natra, weekends are a treasure, for which he is ready to sell off his entire kingdom, quite literally. Toru Toba’s light novel series The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a[…]

Dragon Ball Universe Manga News Yu-Gi-Oh!

Saikyō Jump Publishes Fresh Super Dragon Ball Heroes And Yu-Gi-Oh! Titles

Dragon Ball & Yu-Gi-Oh! are timeless series that can even reinvent the wheel to stay relevant. The plethora of content these series produce is incredible, yet the fandom wants more.
So, here, we have two new titles each to satisfy your cravings. The 2021’s September issue of Shueisha’s Saikyō[…]

Anime Crunchyroll News Sony

Sony Scores Crunchyroll for $1.175 Billion What’s Next for Anime Streaming?

After a long tussle between giant conglomerates and the US government, Sony finally has Crunchyroll come under its wings. A $1.175 billion-dollar deal between Sony and American communications company AT&T will have the popular streaming service join Sony-owned North American streaming service[…]

Anime News Space Battleship Yamato

Anime Film Space Battleship Yamato PV Reveals New Character And Fall Release

In a similar vein to the first trailer, which introduced the lead characters of the upcoming anime film “Space Battleship Yamato 2205: A New Journey – Prior Chapter: Take Off,” the latest trailer finally gave the first look at the addition of the series, Daeder and his ship the Great Pleiades[…]

Anime News The Vampire Dies in No Time

The Vampire Dies in No Time’s New Visual Shows Unlikely Team-up this Fall

The Vampire Dies in No Time is a strange series with an even more peculiar duo of heroes, that is, if we can even call them heroes. The gag manga has a suave vampire hunter Rolando team up with an equally clumsy vampire Dralc. Oh, and did I mention that the vampire dies in no time. The official[…]

Anime News Skeleton Knight in Another World

Skeleton Knight in Another World Anime Trailer Reveals Star-Studded Cast