Anime Coming Soon The Duke of Death and His Maid Upcoming Anime Seasons

The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2 Confirmed, Latest Updates

‘So close, yet so far’ phrase perfectly fits the romantic anime series ‘The Duke of Death and His Maid.’ Ironically, this phrase also best describes the wait for its second season. The finale of its first season ended on a bittersweet note with the Duke finally confronting his mother and[…]

Anime Coming Soon Tokyo Revengers Upcoming Anime Seasons Updates

Will There Be A Tokyo Revengers Season 2? Latest Updates

The hit anime, ‘Tokyo Revengers,’ has come to an end, leaving the entire anime community heartbroken with the way season 1 ended. After that dynamic show, season 2 is currently in high demand. The anime’s storylines, plot twists, and dynamic characters were so unique that it drew otakus like […]

Anime Black Clover Watch Order

Black Clover Fillers: How many Fillers are there?

Black Clover, an anime often termed as the “new Naruto,” is a series that revolves around magical battles, great action, stunning animation, and an amazing ensemble cast. The anime is ongoing with 3 seasons and is currently on an anime-exclusive arc. There are 9 filler episodes in total, and the […]

Anime BanG Dream Coming Soon Upcoming Anime Seasons Updates

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! PICO Fever! October 2021 Release, Updates

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO Fever! is the third installment of the PICO series from the franchise BanG Dream! It is a mini-anime series featuring the characters from the smartphone game Girls Band Party! in their chibi form. The show features the chibi counterparts of the same funny, […]

Anime Black Clover Watch Order

How To Watch Black Clover Anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

One of the most brilliant shonen anime, Black Clover, faced unfortunate cancellation after running for four seasons comprising 170 episodes. Although the anime had won over fans worldwide, eventually, it met a lack of content as the manga is still ongoing. Apart from the series episodes, it[…]

Anime Coming Soon Record of Ragnarok Upcoming Anime Seasons

Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Gets Green-Lit, Visuals, And Latest Updates

Record of Ragnarok, the anime series that is insane yet exhilarating with its idea of humans and gods having duels to their deaths, finally got green-lit for season 2. In the season 1 finale, we saw how the tides favored the humans to win one battle against the gods. Although the humans are at a[.…]

Anime Coming Soon Gundam Upcoming Anime Seasons

SD Gundam World Heroes Spin-Off on Knight World Confirmed, Latest Updates

The Gundam franchise, considered the epitome of mecha anime, is coming back with a side story right after it concluded with SD Gundam World Heroes. Gundam is a massive franchise with several spin-offs and sequels. Its top-notch animation and intriguing characters have been capturing the hearts[…]

Manga Soul Land Watch Order

A Complete Guide on How to Read Douluo Dalu Light Novels and Manhua

People acquainted with Chinese light novels and manhua are no strangers to Soul Land. Soul Land, written initially as Douluo Dalu by the Chinese novelist Tang Jia San Shao, has made a name for itself in recent years, with fans worldwide hailing it as a masterpiece. This franchise sticks[…]

Anime Soul Land Watch Order

A Complete Guide on How to Watch and Read the Douluo Dalu Universe

Good story and animation know no bounds, and since Soul Land excels in both, fans are inevitably requesting more of the series from the original creator. Douluo Dalu or Soul Land is the type of content that has turned the heads of many making its presence felt and respected worldwide. Initially[..]

Anime Coming Soon Restaurant to Another World Upcoming Anime Seasons

Restaurant To Another World Season 2 October 2021 Release, Latest Updates

Restaurant To Another World won the hearts of many with its earnest tale of an isekai restaurant that changes the lives of its patrons. After an engaging first season, the anime is coming back with its season 2. In the last season, we saw how this anime brings people of different worlds together[…]

Anime Coming Soon Ousama Ranking Upcoming Anime Seasons

Ousama Ranking October 2021 Funimation Release, Trailer, Latest Updates

Ousama Ranking is the upcoming comedy fantasy anime from Wit Studio. The studio popularly known for producing the first three seasons of Attack on Titan is back with a heart-wrenching, yet heartwarming anime coming this fall. The series is based on Tōka Sōsuke’s beloved manga series, which […]

Anime Coming Soon JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Upcoming Anime Seasons

JoJo Part 6 Stone Ocean: Release Date, Visuals, and Trailers

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is the upcoming fifth season of the famous JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, adapting the sixth arc of the series, Stone Ocean. We are getting the best of both worlds with Jolyne, the first female MC for the franchise, and the streaming giant, Netflix, deciding to stream the upcoming season exclusively. […]