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Ashwini Bharambe

An eclectic individual who is extremely passionate about all things Mental Health, Anime, Literature, and Art in general! Incessantly strives to be a better version of herself and believes that kindness, compassion, and empathy can move the biggest mountains!

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Anime Astro Boy News

Legendary Fred Ladd of American Anime Industry Passes Away at 94

Fred Laderman also referred to as Fred Ladd was one of the best film writers and producers. He was famously known for widening anime’s reach to the American audience and was the pioneer of the American anime industry. Fred Ladd, who played a pivotal role in the American anime industry passed […]

Anime Aria News

Experience Venetian Atmosphere with the Last ARIA Film’s Trailer

The latest film of the anime trilogy, ARIA is on the horizon. Along with featuring a place Aqua formerly known as Mars, you can expect your hearts to brim up with emotions. The official Aria website released a new trailer of the film, Aria the Benedizione. The movie is set to be released on […]

Manga News Yankee Mito Komon

Late Mangaka’s Humorous Last Chapter of Yankee Mito Komon to Release Today

The news of the manga artist Hiroto Wada passing away due to cerebral hemorrhage was one of the most despairing one last month. This left the publishing of the period comedy, Yankee Mito Komon incomplete even though he had completed the last chapter of the manga. But, we are finally going to[…]

Anime News Remake our Life!

Recap Past 6 Episodes of Remake Our Life! in Episode 6.5

Remake Our Life! is already halfway through and a lot has transpired in that time. The protagonist went back in time to become a highschooler, found romance, and now is helping out his dear friend Tsurayuki. The creators understand that with so many things going on, a recap is much needed to […]

Anime News

Voice Actor Chiharu Sawashiro is Diagnosed with Asymptomatic Covid-19

I come with some sad news for the people who loved the character Banri Settsu from the anime, A3!. The voice actor, Chiharu Sawashiro, has contracted the infamous virus. The talent agency, Stay-Luck’s Twitter account confirmed on August 7, 2021, that the voice actor Chiharu Sawashiro has been infected by Covid-19. This is a report […]

Anime Crunchyroll News

Crunchyroll’s 2021 Expo Revealed New Anime to be Streamed

The popular anime streaming platform that we all know and love, Crunchyroll has announced some exciting and most awaited new anime at the Crunchyroll Expo 2021. The virtual Expo took place yesterday on the 6th August 2021 and revealed the premiere seasons of the licensed anime as well. New […]

Anime Crunchyroll News The Faraway Paladin

Reinstill Humanity with The Faraway Paladin’s New Promotional Video

Be ready to have the perception about illusionary humanity and destructed moral compass eradicated by taking a sneak peek into the anime adaptation The Faraway Paladin. It talks about a human boy, William, raised by three dead beings in a post-apocalyptic world. The ironic part about this anime[…]

Anime News Tokyo Babylon

Studio GoHands Sues King Records over Tokyo Babylon for ¥450 Million

The occult anime Tokyo Babylon has been on a rollercoaster ride for a long time due to the plagiarism scandals leading to the deferment of the release and finally getting canceled. This brought a massive uproar among both the companies, studio GoHands and the production house King Records, and[…]

Anime Ascendance of a Bookworm News

Ascendance of A Bookworm Season 3 Unveils Visual for Spring 2022 Premiere

It would be a lie if I said that the season 2 finale of Ascendance of a Bookworm did not move me to tears. I did not know that the high priest, Ferdinand comforting Myne would be something I’d need. In spite of being just a child, she was able to harness an immense amount of magic to replenish[…]

Anime FUNimation News Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus English Dub Announced by Funimation

The ongoing anime Scarlet Nexus is off to a banging start. The first scene of the anime itself began with a thrilling fight between Yuito and Nagi with the former securing a glorious win. If you are unfamiliar with the anime, be prepared to witness a group of youngsters with psychokinetic […]

Anime Love After World Domination News

Love After World Domination: Cast And Teaser for 2022 Debut

A number of anime revolve around the modern day Romeo-Julliet romance theme. Love After World Domination is yet another one which you could hold in similar regards of rivals in love, minus the double suicide. Here, while both of them belong to rival houses, they don’t exactly bear ill-will […]

Anime News World Trigger

Yuma Looks Absolutely Badass in World Trigger Season 3 New Visual

I know that most of us have heard real stories of World War from our grandparents, but what if I were to propose a world filled with advanced technology and an interdimensional war? World Trigger is one of the very few anime out there that perfectly encapsulates the genres of sci-fi and action[…]

Anime News Tesla Note

Tesla Note Gets New Visual & Cast for The October 2021 Debut

It’s thrilling to prove someone wrong, especially if the said person tries to underestimate you. Botan, a high school girl, does precisely that to her partner Kuruma in the upcoming anime, Tesla Note. Contrary to what you may think, she is not merely a high-school girl, but a ninja in disguise[…]

Anime Fuuto Tantei News

Witness the Dynamic Detective of Fuuto Tantei in A New Visual

The upcoming detective anime, Fuuto Tantei is a sequel to Kamen Rider. It gravitates around a guy similar to Sherlock Holmes. Except, he rides a motorcycle. Fuuto Tantei has replaced the detective buddies, Sherlock and Watson with the characters Shotaro and Philip. They not only solve sinister […]

Anime Hololive News

Experience Halloween A Little Early this Year with hololive ERROR

Are you that oddball in your group who craves for stories that would give you goosebumps and are in eternal wait for Halloween? In that case, I’d suggest you deliberately get acquainted with the upcoming horror project from hololive because it will make sure to destroy your good night’s sleep […]

Manga News Otonanajimi

Exhilarating Climax of Manga Otonanajimi to Ship in August!

The manga, Otonanajimi is almost at its end and from what I know, the romantic comedy story filled with crushes and love triangles is at the peak. Kaede’s life has been on a rollercoaster with her relocating to the head office where she later loses her house. Haru, as usual, jumps right in to […]

Anime Fate Grand Order News

Olympic Athletes Quote Famous Anime Demolishing Stigma Faced by Otakus!

The stigma that otakus face is quite despairing, especially in Japan. Most people are frowned upon and demeaned, which leads to not disclosing their actual interests. I believe this phenomenon was aptly depicted in Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. Okay, maybe it was a little dramatic, but[…]

Manga News Yasuke

Colored Cover Page of Yasuke’s New Manga by Satoshi Okunishi Unveiled!

Yasuke, the anime depicting an Afro-Asian samurai, had attracted considerable attention when it was released by Netflix. Its popularity hasn’t died down one bit since its release and it is expected that fans will want more from the series. Thus, enters our savior, the Yasuke manga. If you are […]

Anime News

The North American Anime, Manga Release Dates for Last Week of July is Here

The perpetual struggle of keeping up with the release dates of our favorite manga and anime can be exhausting. We empathize with you and that’s why we are here with the new release schedule! The popularity of this medium of entertainment has been growing incessantly throughout the world, and the[…

Manga News Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon

DanMachi Creator Helms Manga Adaptation of “Reborn as A Vending Machine”!

Isekai manga usually serve the purpose of taking us out on a wild otherworldly ride! Now, we will be having another addition to this genre called “Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon” and all I want to say here is, if you are just as passionate about vending machines as the[…]

Anime My Hero Academia News

Fans Get to Hear ReDestro in English as Dub Cast of My Hero Academia Teased

All of us have a Hero residing within, and if we have what it takes to nurture it, it doesn’t matter whether we’re born with a “quirk” or not. Deku from My Hero Academia has time and again proved this by imparting subtle valuable lessons throughout the anime. This year has been great for My […]

Manga News Stellar Witch LIPS

Creator of Stellar Witch LIP☆S, is Back with New Mystical Manga this Fall!

If witches and demons, along with a little comedy and a touch of romance is what you’re looking for, Kotoko Ichi is the mangaka for you! Her latest manga, Stellar Witch LIP☆S was a huge success and it featured a girl who turns into a detective witch! She goes through the whole ordeal, for her […]

Anime Crunchyroll News Platinum End

The Spine-Tingling Anime, Platinum End is Set to Stream on Crunchyroll!

The debate and contrast between the Devil or Angel has been the black and white of times immemorial. But the creators of Platinum End have something entirely different to propose. What if the devil resides within the angel or worse, is disguised as one? Platinum End, written by the creators of […]

Anime News Shaman King

The Culprit Behind Episodes of Shaman King Being Delayed is Olympics 2020!

if you are a person who’s easily intrigued by the occult and summoning spirits to benefit your craft, Shaman King is your anime! The story consists of a young boy, Manta Oyamada, who encounters Yoh, who has to become the next Shaman King by defeating his opponents in the Shaman Fight. Being a […]

Alice in Borderland Manga News

Explore Natural Hot Springs by Alice in Borderland Creators this August!

Even if you are a novice in the world of anime or manga, you’d still know what hot springs are due to their constant occurrence. But, in case you are yearning to visit one because of their warm and comforting depictions, you are in luck! Alice in Borderland’s creators have an upcoming manga[…]

Anime News The Titan's Bride

Indulge in Vampire Cosmic Race with “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu” this Fall

All of us have heard conspiracy theories about the first person who ventured into space or to have landed on the moon. However, Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu goes a step beyond and claims that these achievers were not human but vampires! That’s right, Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu is an anime that […]

Anime News The Titan's Bride

Steamy Anime, The Titan’s Bride, Reveals English Theme in The Latest Dub PV

When I first watched the trailer of The Titan’s Bride, I realized that I was thoroughly unprepared for what was coming. A male lead who is literally marrying a Titan is what you should expect from this upcoming anime. Isekai and BL meet in a no man’s land in this bizarre anime! BL anime, […]

Manga My Hero Academia News The Promised Neverland

Masterminds Behind The Promised Neverland And MHA to Publish One-Shot Manga

I will be frank with you all, my eyes are still wet from the courage and brilliantly constructed escape by the characters in The Promised Neverland. While we may not get more of the same franchise, we are in luck because the manga creators, Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu are working on their […]

Anime Mori no Kuma-san Toumin-chuu News

The Furry BL Manga by Haruchika, Mori no Kuma-san, Gets Passionate Anime!

It’s no secret that BL manga and anime alike, persists in receiving some extreme criticisms, but that has never been the cause of hindrance to writing one. Haruchika is one such author who has not been dejected and wrote the manga Mori no Kuma-san about a bear and a puppy living together[…]

Anime I'm Standing on a Million Lives News

The Quirky Game Master in 100-man 2 to be Voiced by Comedian Kuro Chan

I bet most of us are fascinated with escapism, and that could be one of the prominent reasons for us to watch anime. Isekai anime tends to snatch us away from our mundane lives and ‘frees’ us. I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 proved itself to be a worthwhile addition. Though the anime[…]

Anime News Summer Ghost

Loundraw’s Summer Ghost Movie Gets A New Wistful Trailer with Brilliant Art

If you are anything like me, you will inevitably find yourself circling back to anime about high school students. Before you misunderstand, let me clarify. Anime movies such as Summer Ghost help us regain the long forgotten spark that we usually discover in our high schools and so, these […]

Anime Deemo Movies

Revel in the Gothic Settings of the New DEEMO: Memorial Keys Trailer

Being a teenager at some point, I remember the gothic theme having a huge impact
on me and honestly, when I first came to know about Deemo my first thoughts were that this
film is going to be my go to goth meets anime. I say this because having watched
Timburton’s movies, the character Deemo […]