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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3: Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

With the advancement in technology, the other nations are coming up with anti-titan weapons, and it seems that the era of Titans is gradually coming to an end.

However, battle commander Zeke Yaegar aims to maintain Marley’s power position by reclaiming the ‘Founding Titan’ from the Paradis island.

Episode 2 revolves around the return of Marley’s Eldian warriors to their homeland. Reiner Braun, the war hero, struggles to figure out the righteous way to attain peace.

He doesn’t want the next generations to go through the same trauma that he did. Can Reiner lead Marley to a future free from wars? We bring you the latest episode updates for this anime.

1. Episode 3 Preview and Speculations

Reiner is determined to go back to Paradis island and compensate for his failed mission by reclaiming the ‘Founding Titan,’ thereby bringing the war to an end.

Watching Gabi emerge as a soldier brings back the memories of his Paradisian comrades whom he had to betray. But he wants his sister Gabi to have everything that he lost and end this war before she inherits the Armored Titan.

In episode 3, Reiner will be going through post-traumatic stress disorder from remembering the previous events. We will get to see flashbacks from his childhood days when he aspired to become a warrior.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Preview [Eng Sub]
Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Preview

In the preview video, we get to see Anne as a child. This suggests that the upcoming episode will revolve around the past of the Marleyans who infiltrated Paradis five years ago.

Reiner’s flashbacks of the Paradis Island Operation will surely bring back our memories from the first season and are expected to answer many questions that were left answered.

2. Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 3 of the Attack on Titan anime, titled “Door of Hope”, has been released on Sunday, Dec 20, 2020.

I. Is Attack on Titan on Break This Week?

Attack on Titan is the most anticipated franchise of the season, and although its official release schedule has not been revealed yet, new episodes are expected to premiere every Sunday.

No official announcement regarding a delay in the airing of the next episode of Attack on Titan has been released.

3. Episode 2 Recap

If Episode 1 is considered action-filled, the next episode is totally story-driven, giving us an idea about the current political situation. Although fans had some issues with the animation, the episode’s explanatory nature has satisfied everyone.

I. Zeke’s Plan to Resume Paradis Island Operation

Zeke Yeager suggests to resume Paradis Island Operation to recover the ‘Founding Titan.’ With only one year left to live, this will be his final attempt to add a few more years to the Marleyan military.

In this mission, Zeke also wants the help of the War Hammer titan, which has been kept within the Tybur family for generations.

II. Horrors of the War

We get to see how the Marley government has brainwashed its citizens, Marleyans and Eldians alike, to believe that Paradis Island is full of evil people who must be exterminated.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Updates
Eldians | Source: Fandom

Marley exploits the Eldians in war, with no hesitation to throw away their lives, making them fight against their own race, and yet they are the most discriminated against in society.

The Eldian soldiers return back to their homeland, where Reiner gets treated as a war hero. But it seems that the memories of his former comrades are still haunting him. The scene beautifully portrays the horrors that war brings disguised as glory.

The episode officially confirms Ymir to be dead. We get to see flashbacks where Galliard ate his brother to inherit the Jaw Titan. He will surely play an important role in the war.

We also end up seeing an allegedly traumatized Eldian soldier, who doesn’t even know on which hand his armband is supposed to be. The soldier has long hair and looks awfully familiar to certain someone whom we saw in the previous seasons.

4. Episode 2 Highlights

Zeke plans to gamble the final year of his life by resuming the Paradis Island operation and bring back the power of the ‘Founding Titan’ to Marley. Once the mission is over, Colt will be inheriting the powers of the Beast Titan.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Updates
Zeke Yeager | Source: Fandom

Meanwhile, Survey corps have strengthened their power considerably. They have taken down at least 32 fully armed Marleyan ships in these four years.

Apart from the power of the Attack Titan and the Colossal Titan, Paradis is the home of skilled warriors like Mikasa and Levi, so it won’t be that easy to defeat them.

While returning to their homeland, Falco swears to inherit the Armored Titan and save Gabi from the short life curse.

Reiner reunites with his family after years, where his mother emphasizes that the Paradisians are nothing but demons.

5. About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha publishes it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The manga began serialization on September 9, 2009, and continues to date with 30 tankōbom formats.

Attack on Titan follows humanity settled within three concentric walls to protect themselves from the terrifying titans that prey on them.

Eren Yeager is a young boy that believes that a caged life is similar to that of cattle and aspires to go beyond the walls one day, just like his heroes, the Survey Corps. The emergence of a deadly Titan unleashes chaos.

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