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Asuna Enters Underworld In Sword Art Online Alicization

Sword Art Online is currently in its third season featuring the virtual Underworld. Currently at episode 33, titled “Sword and Fist”, the series has started the “Alicization Exploding” sub-arc of the season. The War of Underworld opening theme suggested that Asuna had a minimal role in this arc, however, this is not the case as she has finally entered the Underworld.

The latest episode of the series sees Asuna as a character in the new virtual world. The stills show the latest account that Asuna is using, a goddess. Apparently, Asuna got a hold of this account the same way Gabriel uploaded himself to the Emperor Vecta account.

With blinding light surrounding her, Asuna swoops in from the sky as the Goddess of Creation Stacia, one of the three Legendary Goddesses as suggested by the most recent opening theme of the show. She is rumoured to be an entity that helped create the Underworld however, this legend was made up by the Axiom Church and the Administrator, while in reality, they were just accounts hidden in the Underworld’s data waiting to be found.

Shortly after her arrival, Asuna wreaks havoc upon the enemy, opening large cracks in the ground in which the enemy’s forces fell to their deaths. Asuna’s arrival in the virtual world may be quite a shock to Kirito, however, looks like Asuna has it under control with her newfound godlike powers.

About Sword Art Online:

At the launch of the game, 10,000 people had connected themselves to the virtual reality of Sword Art Online. The plot takes a twist when people realize that they can’t quit the game. Soon after the players realize that there’s no escape, the creator of the game makes an appearance in the virtual world of the game and warns everyone that if they forcefully quit the game or die in the game, they’ll die in real life too. Protagonist Kirito, who is a pro gamer and was present for the beta launch of SAO, starts planning to clear levels as soon as possible. Throughout his quest to finish the game, he meets many friends and also a love interest, Asuna. The plot and the whole premise of the show are remarkably unique and quite believable in some futuristic sense. 

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