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Asta’s sword collection – Which is the strongest?

The latest addition to Asta’s sword collection — the Demon Destroyer sword, has the overpowered ability to negate even reincarnation magic.

Coupled with his physical strength and his antimagic prowess, Asta is well on his way to becoming one of the most powerful mages within the Clover Kingdom — even without any Mana. Let us take a look at all the swords currently in his possession.

Will Asta get the fourth sword?

Asta is currently in the possession of three swords — Demon Slayer, Demon Dweller, and Demon Destroyer sword. Asta will not be receiving a fourth sword any soon, as even in the manga, he has not completely mastered the Demon Destroyer sword.

However, technically, he has gotten his ‘fourth sword’ in the manga. After Yami was captured by Zenon, the Bull captain left his treasured katana with Asta. Recently, we even saw Asta use the katana against Nacht and Liebe (AMD).

Black clover Asta's New Sword YouTube
Asta getting Demon Dweller sword

The first one is called the Demon-Slayer sword, which can cut and deflect magic. The second one is the Demon-Dweller sword, which can cut and borrow magic power from other users.

The last sword in his collection, which can absorb and remove the effect of any spells, especially reincarnation magic, is the Demon-Destroyer sword. Asta has not received his own fourth sword yet, but the possibility of him receiving one as his powers mature is quite high.

Asta’s Swords Ranked

I. Demon-Slayer sword

Asta’s demon-slayer sword is that which came first from his five-leafed grimoire. This antimagic sword technique pushes and condenses magic at the edges of its blade.

Asta's sword collection - Which is the strongest?
Asta with Demon Slayer sword

This sword can be enlarged by extending Anti Magic from the edges of the blade, while the flat side of the sword can be used to deflect spells.

Asta can also remotely control the Anti Magic within the sword, allowing him to summon the sword back to himself by holding his hand open, calling its name, and ridding it through the air.

II. Demon-Dweller sword

Asta’s second sword, i.e., the Demon-Dweller sword, can release projected slashes of Anti Magic, allowing him to cut through spells from a distance.

It can also borrow the magic from the people around him, allowing him to release slashes that possess the properties of other magic attributes.

Asta's sword collection - Which is the strongest?
Asta and Demon Dweller sword

Besides Licht, only Asta can wield this sword because he possesses no mana, as other mages would not be able to use any magic while in contact with the sword and would have their mana reserves depleted.

III. Demon-Destroyer sword

Demon-Destroyer Sword: Asta’s third and strongest sword possesses an ability known as Causality Break.

Causality break is a technique that absorbs and cuts through the cause/effect relationship in a spell. This technique allows the sword to generate Anti Magic tendrils that can absorb and remove the aftereffects of spells.

Its strongest ability lies in the fact that it can even negate Reincarnation Magic and poison.

Will Asta get the 4th sword?

Besides the Demon-Slayer, Demon-Dweller, and the Demon-Destroyer swords, Asta has not yet shown to possess any other swords.

However, as Asta’s powers mature and his connection with the devil in his grimoire grows more profound, there is a chance that Asta will get the 4th sword.

I. Asta’s Five Leaf Grimoire

Asta possesses a Grimoire of Despair with the powers of antimagic. Antimagic is an energy that is capable of nullifying other forms of magic. It stems from the devil connected to Asta’s grimoire.

Asta can even borrow the antimagic powers of the demon residing within the grimoire to transform into a near-demon state where his powers grow exponentially.

There are specific weapons such as demon slayer and demon dweller swords, which are stored within the grimoire and help the user to unleash its full potential. These swords can cut, reflect, or negate any spell created out of magic.

Asta is the only one who can wield it as he is devoid of any magic and, therefore, the perfect match for this grimoire.

II. Does Asta have sword magic?

Asta is devoid of magic. This applies to sword magic too. Asta is only able to summon swords infused with Anti Magic thanks to his grimoire.

He uses these swords for various offenses that can nullify magic. The swords can cut through magic but are reduced to blunt weapons when used to strike anything else.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centres around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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