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Assault Lily October 2020 anime Reveals New Key Visual

Beautiful weapon-wielding girls are a concept that has significantly been used in Japanese anime. This focuses on a group of girls who usually have magic powers and wield various weapons to fight whatever threatens humanity,

Assault Lily: bouquet is one such anime by Studio Shaft that features girls from military academies known as Gardens, who wield weapons called CHARMs to beings that threaten humanity.

Assault Lily Bouquet Official Trailer
Assault Lily Bouquet Official Trailer

The anime was initially slated for a July 2020 release, but it received a postponement notice on May 28 that delayed the anime to October 2020, citing health concerns for its staff and cast.

Assault Lily: bouquet released a new key visual during its live stream for the project yesterday. The key visual featuring its main characters was also tweeted on their official Twitter account.

\ New information 🍀 /

New key visuals for the TV anime “Assault Lily BOUQUET” that will start broadcasting in October will be released for the first time 💐✨

Assault Lily

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Azone label shop Akihabara also announced yesterday that the summer campaign for Assault Lily: bouquet will begin on July 10.

The 2020 Assault Lily Summer Campaign will start on Friday, July 10! !!
We have prepared a special coaster for Assault Lily ✨
Akihabara store limited campaign 🤩!

azone #Azone #Assault Lily

Assaultlily #Yumei Shirai #Ruri Ichiyanagi

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The anime’s website tagline states that it is “A Rhapsody of Petals dancing on the Frontline“.

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Assault Lily: bouquet will be directed by Shouji Saeki with Keita Nagahara as the assistant director and produced by SHAFT Studios.

Mieko Hosoi has been credited with the character designs and Kazuya Shiotshuki as the sub-character designer. Kazuya is also serving as chief animation director along with Sota Suwa.

The Assault Lily franchise has also inspired an RPG smartphone game titled “Assault Lily: Last Bullet” developed by Bushiroad and Pokelabo in collaboration with SHAFT and TBS Television.

The official Twitter page for Assault Lily: Last Bullet announced a broadcast at Rasbale Broadcasting Station on July 30 to reveal more information about the project.

[Rasbale Broadcasting Station #1]

Rasvale’s official live broadcasting “Rasvale Broadcasting Station” will be distributed from 7/30 (Thursday) 20: 00 Television

In the delivery, we will deliver the latest information on the application while reviewing the information so far Sparkles

Appearance (honorific title omitted): # Hikaru Akao (as Ruri Ichiyanagi), # Ayaka Fujii (as Kazuha Aizawa), # Kaori Maeda (as Imaho star)


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About Assault Lily

The Assault Lily Project is a mixed-media franchise. It is based on action dolls figures of a 1/12th scale. These action figures were conceived by the doll maker Azone International and the ACUS creative group in 2013.

Assault Lily Bouquet Anime Reveals New key Visual
Assault Lily Bouquet | Source: Pinterest

The anime will occur in the near future where humanity is threatened by mysterious creatures known as “Huge.” In an attempt to train a unit against these creatures, the government creates specialized military academies known as “Gardens” that train girls known as “Lilies.”

Lilies wield weapons made from a combination of science and magic called CHARM ( Counter Juge Arms). These CHARM wilding girls protect the Earth from this mysterious threat.

Source: Twitter

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