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The Pandemic-Winner Game, Among Us, Makes a Comeback, but as a Manga

Among Us, the game that became a sensation in 2020 is coming back, and this time, in manga form. So, after wooing gaming otakus, Innersloth, Among Us’ developer, is trying to win over anime and manga otakus as well.

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The game was released in 2018 (yes, time does fly by quickly), but it actually became a smash-hit during the pandemic. Although the craze around it has faded in the past few months, the game is not ready to say goodbye just yet.

The official Twitter account of H2 Interactive, the publisher of Among Us in Japan, recently revealed that the game will receive a one-shot manga.

The one-shot will be published in the Bessatsu Coro Coro magazine’s April issue, which will be out on February 28, 2022.

Among Us’s one-shot manga will appear in the April issue of the separate volume CoroCoro! Please look forward to



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Among Us is a name that has irrefutably become related to the pandemic, just like dalgona coffee. I bet every teen and adult has heard its name, if not played it all night long.

Its interface is so unique that it has attracted millions of players and built trust issues in them. It can even beat UNO in the race to break friendships.

The Pandemic-Winner Game, Among Us, Makes a Comeback, but as a Manga
Among Us | Source: Fandom

Which leads us to the question, how exactly will the creators adapt this into a manga? Unlike RPGs, it does not have an elaborate storyline and is mostly based on player interactions.

The different characters might actually get their own personalities and play a game among themselves.

Or was the traitor someone else all along? It’ll be interesting to see how the story plays out, and maybe it’ll get a manga series adaptation later?

Nonetheless, I’m sure that the one-shot is going to get instantly popular as soon as it is published. I mean, who doesn’t want a piece of early-pandemic nostalgia?

Source: H2 Interactive Twitter

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