AMD X670E Motherboards Have Now Started Shipping to Overclocking Enthusiasts 

AMD’s 600-series motherboards are scheduled to release sometime after the launch of Ryzen 7000 CPUs. The AM5 chipsets will be the platform for AMD’s next-gen Zen 4 processors, and the company has been getting information about the motherboards out there recently. 

Just a few days ago, AMD’s partners, including MSI, revealed their X670 motherboard lineups, indicating that both AMD and motherboard manufacturers are ready to step into the next generation. 

Although we didn’t expect these chipsets to be available to the general public, surprisingly, 

AMD has started shipping X670E samples to overclocking enthusiasts. 

The news came when overclocking enthusiast @SkatterBencher tweeted just several hours ago showcasing a brand new Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master he got in the mail unexpectedly. 

This is a common practice among most hardware manufacturers in the gaming industry, as they tend to send their products to professionals(which includes overclockers) and then subsequently to reviewers. 

Not only does this gain extra attention from the general public due to the public reach of these overclockers, but the professionals can also provide important feedback to the manufacturing company so that they can make final tweaks to optimize their motherboards for maximum performance. 

Gigabyte themselves are shipping out this Auros Master X670E chipset with a slightly weaker power delivery system. This particular model is the second-best motherboard from Gigabyte’s lineup, as the Auros Extreme will be the company’s flagship chipset. 

AMD X670E Motherboards Have Now Started Shipping to Overclocking Enthusiasts
AMD X670 Motherboards
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The AORUS Master is equipped with a 16+2+2 power phase design and supports up to four DDR5 memory modules. The featured AM5 socket supports up to four M.2 drives, two PCIe Gen5 x4 and two Gen4 x4. 

All of the drives above support the toolless installation design that was announced a while ago. Gigabyte motherboards also have an easy quick-release system for PCIe x16 slot, adding Cherry to the cake. 

We are almost certain that AMD will launch its Ryzen 7000 CPUs on the rumored September 15th date. The red team is also planning an official announcement of the processors on August 29, where we might also get to see its motherboard lineup. 

MSI Revealed Its Premium X670 Motherboards Launching in Mid-September

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