Which Will Be the Cheapest and the Costliest Ryzen 7000 Motherboard?

AMD unveiled the Ryzen 7000 motherboards at the Computex 2022 keynote. The circuits feature the all-new AM5 socket and will use the high-end 600 series graphics cards, including the X670E, X670, B650E, B650, and A620.

Codenamed “Raphael,” the motherboards are integrated with Zen 4 chiplets and an I/O Die in 6nm, providing RDNA2 graphics.

Recent information has revealed an approximate price range for the 7000 series, and it looks like you won’t have to go overboard to afford them.

A video titled “Zen 4 IPC & Max Clocks Leak: Confirming +30-40% MT, +20-30% ST! (+ X670E Pricing Leak)” by @Moore’s Law Is Dead talks about the pricing of the different Ryzen 7000 models.

Zen 4 IPC & Max Clocks Leak: Confirming +30-40% MT, +20-30% ST! (+ X670E Pricing Leak)

According to the user, the following will be the price list:

  • AMD X670E chipset motherboards – $300-$500
  • AMD X670 chipset motherboards – $250-$350
  • AMD B650E chipset motherboards – $250-$350
  • AMD B650 chipset motherboards – $130-$230
  • AMD A620 chipset motherboards – Less than $100-$120
AMD Ryzen 7000 AM5 Motherboards Suggested Pricing Revealed
Zen 4 Core Architecture

For the high-end motherboards, the X670E processor will be used by AMD as it can support powerful tasks. Lower ‘Limited Edition’ variants are expected to be available as well.

The X670 and B650E chipsets are similarly priced. A minute difference is that the B650E will equip more PCB layers for the Gen5 interface than the X670, which does not require the same.

AMD Ryzen 7000 AM5 Motherboards Suggested Pricing Revealed
AMD AM5 Socket

The “cheapest” will be the A620 AM5 motherboards which will cost less than a hundred USD. Some unique models might have an additional cost of $20-$30. This sole variant also does not support overclocking.

Gigabyte has given a slight hint at their motherboards’ pricing. It is in the same range as the X570. AMD can argue that the added components, such as the DDR5 memory, are a bit on the expensive side.

The Ryzen 7000 AM5 motherboards promise a whole new era of efficiency. The Zen 4-based devices will be hitting the markets by the Fall of 2022. It will be exciting to see if they will be worth the price.

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