AMD confirms roadmap promising Ryzen 8000 series with Zen5 and Navi 3.5

AMD’s Meet the Experts webcast with retail channel vendors put forth an updated roadmap for processors built on the AM5 socket technology. They explained several aspects of the upcoming Ryzen 800 series desktop processors.

During the Meet the Experts webcast, AMD shared a pdf that included the roadmap of AM5 including the last of the AM4 socket-based Ryzen 5000 series. The Ryzen 8000 series would be built on Zen 5 CPU and Navi 3.5 GPU cores and is expected to release around 2024.

To put it into context, the last of the AM4-based processor was the Ryzen 340913, released in 2022. It was based on Zen3 CPU cores and Vega graphics.

The same slide also confirmed that the new desktop socket, i.e., AM5, will continue into 2026. The AM5 infrastructure will support new CPU core and graphics upgrades on an annual cadence.

The slide confirming Navi 3.0, i.e., RDNA3 for Ryzen 7000, is particularly interesting given that the Ryzen 7000 only features RDNA2 for integrated graphics.

AMD confirms roadmap promising Ryzen 8000 series with Zen5 and Navi 3.5
Moore’s Law is Dead on Youtube – One of the slides from Moore’s Law is Dead’s leak where they mention the upcoming APUs on the AM5 socke

AMD also promised that their primary target for the coming years would be to improve the performance per watt and advance their lead on power efficiency across all segments.

The news shared is in keeping with an earlier leak by “Moore’s Law is Dead,” where it was mentioned that Zen 5 APUs would come in three variants, namely Strix Point, Strix Halo/Sarlak, and the flagship Fire Range, including a much smaller APU called “Hawk Point.”

The Strix Point, Strix Halo, and Fire Range will reportedly use the Zen 5, Zen 5c, and Zen 5 with 3D V-cache, respectively. The Zen 5 is set to be based on the 4nm and 3nm node technology.

Reportedly, the Ryzen 8000 chips will feature up to 16 Zen 5 CPU cores across two CCDs. Also included in the same SoC would be Navi 3.5 GPU. The Navi 3.5 will be a shrunk-down Navi 3 for improved efficiency but with the same features.

The roadmap released seems very promising, to say the least. As mentioned in the header, AMD is looking for better scalability, longevity, and performance over their arch-rivals Intel.

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