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Russophile Sumire Uesaka to Play Roshidere’s Alya for The MC’s VTuber Debut

Roshidere or Tokidoki Bosotto Roshia-go de Dereru Tonari no Arya-san, is a sweet love story conveyed in a not-so-sweet language. However, it will get you hooked enough to finish it in one go!

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The protagonist, Alya, tends to convey her feelings to her crush in Russian, which is considered an aggressive language. And she does it all under the pretense of insulting him!

But what would happen when Alya comes to realize that her crush, Masachika Kuze, knows and understands whatever she says in Russian?!

The popular romcom light novel Roshidere (My Seatmate Alya Sometimes Becomes Really Lovey-Dovey While Talking in Russian) has announced MC Alya’s VTuber debut on July 29th.

Arya debuts as a rookie VTuber. The memorable first delivery will be released on YouTube as a premium from [July 29 (Thursday) 21: 00-] #Arya 3D #Rosidere]

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Kadokawa revealed who will be voicing the main characters of the light novel in the VTube debut as well:

CharacterCastOther Works
AlyaSumire UesakaShalltear Bloodfallen (Overlord)
Masachika KuzeKōhei AmasakiNeito Monoma (My Hero Academia)

Sumire Uesaka is a renowned actress and has shown her interest in Russian culture and language on many occasions. Sumire is so in love with the country that she learned to speak fluent Russian and is always ready to learn more.

The role of 

Alya: Sumire Uesaka (@uesaka_official)

Masachika: Kohei Amasaki (@amasakikohei)

The voice comic video that you have voiced is now on YouTube! So please enjoy the past episodes of the two inevitable grinning with audio.

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Moreover, Kadokawa’s Sneaker Bunko magazine also revealed that Volume 2 of Roshidere would be released on July 30th, 2021.

Roshidere shows how language barriers can prove to be a perfect love language as well. While Alya continues teasing Masachika, he continues to pretend to be oblivious for her sake.

The novel is a refreshing love story and the most adorable one I’ve ever read. The chemistry and friendly banter between Alya and Masachika are worth the read.

I highly recommend reading this one, and let us know your views!

About Roshidere

Roshidere or My Seatmate Alya Sometimes Becomes Really Lovey-Dovey While Talking in Russian is a Japanese light novel by Momoco and Sun Sun. It is published by Kadokawa.

Aalya, a beautiful silver-haired Russian girl who sits next to Masachika, and says something to him in Russian with a triumphant smile. However, the reality of the situation was different.

What she really said in Russian was “Pay attention to me!” In fact, Masachika can actually understand Russian. However, Aalya has no idea that he can understand her.

Today once more, she tells him sweet words in Russian, and Masachika simply cannot stop grinning to himself.

Source: Roshidere Official Twitter

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