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Sci-fi Manga ‘AI no Idenshi’ Inspires a TV Anime by Madhouse

Humanoids and humans are much alike than you think in the world of ‘AI no Idenshi.’ Instead of being treated as robots, humanoids are given problems and illnesses of their own, just like an average person would have.

Mangaka Kyūri Yamada created this manga in 2015, which became a well-known name in the sci-fi genre. The original series might have ended in August 2017, but the franchise still has plans for it.

Madhouse has revealed that it will adapt Kyūri Yamada’s sci-fi manga, ‘AI no Idenshi’ (The Genes of AI), as a TV anime and has released a teaser for the same.


It follows a human doctor Hikaru Sudō who narrates how humans evolved from creating fire to humanoids being 10% of the world’s population. The trailer animates some panels from the manga’s first few chapters with a monolog by Hikaru.

While the video establishes that humanoids live peacefully with humans, we soon get to the dark side of it. It is shown that humanoids suffer from their own diseases and can’t be saved from certain situations.

A new key visual from the franchise features Hikaru looking at a baby in a womb with the tagline ‘This is the story of our future….’

this is
Our Future Story——

Received the Manga Division Excellence Award at the 21st Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival.
“AI no Iiden” will be made into a TV animation!
The first key visual has been released!
Anime official website


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Moreover, Yamada has also drawn a celebratory visual for the anime announcement featuring Hikaru and his humanoid assistant, Risa Higuchi. The cast for these two is as follows:

CharacterCastOther Works
Hikaru SudōTakeo ŌtsukaTakeo (Noblesse)
Risa HiguchiYume MiyamotoMaki Kuwana (Blue Period)
Sci-fi Manga 'AI no Idenshi’ Inspires a TV Anime by Madhouse
Visual drawn by Kyūri Yamada | Source: Twitter

Moreover, the franchise has also revealed the staff working on the anime, and they’re as follows:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorYuzo SatoPolice in a Pod
Script SupervisorRyunosuke KingetsuSamurai Girls
Character DesignerKei TsuchiyaLaidbackers
Music ComposerTakashi Ohmama, Natsumi TabuchiMobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, My Next Life as a Villainess
Animation ProductionMadhouseHunter × Hunter

Hikaru knows the situation with humanoids is dire as they’re just as fragile as humans. He aims to help them and change this world’s view of them, and we’re here to witness his journey.

About AI no Idenshi

AI no Idenshi (The Genes of AI) is a sci-fi manga series by Kyūri Yamada. It began serialization in November 2015 and concluded in August 2017. The manga is now inspiring a TV anime by Madhouse.

The story is set in a future world where 10% of the population is humanoids and Hikaru Sudō is a human doctor. Unlike what most people think, humanoids are much similar to humans and have their own problems and illnesses that can lead to death. Hikaru aims to help them with his humanoid assistant, Risa Higuchi.

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