Activision Orders Popular COD Warzone Stats Site SBMM Warzone to Shut Shop

Activision has told the creators of SBMMWarzone in a cease-and-desist to shut shop by Monday, 29th March.

SBMM Warzone is a popular Call of Duty Warzone site that tracks your skills and stats in active lobbies and is used by many Warzone players. Unfortunately, it may not be around for long as Activision, the developers behind Call of Duty have issued orders against SBMM stating illegal usage of Activison’s API and demanding immediate shut down of the site.

Activision Orders Popular COD Warzone Stats Site SBMM Warzone to Shut Shop
SBMM Warzone Leaderboard
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According to the creators behind SBMM Warzone, the letter received from Activision explains that the site violates Activision’s API terms and conditions while also infringing on the copyright. Other violations of privacy laws in the US and European Union are also primary points in the statement.

The SBMM Warzone team took to Twitter to reach common ground with Activision while finding a solution. “We want to be able to talk to them. We believe there is so much more we can bring to this community.” Ben, one of the developers of SBMM Warzone, told in an interview with Eurogamer.

The Belgian-based SBMM Warzone site combines and gathers data from public profiles and from the players that use their site to better understand the rating system of Call of Duty’s Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM), a system that has been repeatedly under fire in the gaming community for being exploited.

Activision Orders Popular COD Warzone Stats Site SBMM Warzone to Shut Shop
The Site Now Shows a ‘Shutting Down’ Landing Page asking Users for Support.
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SBMM Warzone has been nothing short of success; the site also offers premium subscription-based accounts which offer broader and more exclusive features such as historical game stats. Even though the site’s monetization was not a point mentioned in the letter from Activision, it could have been why the gaming corporation took matters into its hand.

The developers at SBMM have been trying to partner with Activision even before, but perhaps this is their last chance. Many from the gaming community flocked to garner support for SBMM Warzone, and as Activision is not known to give in to the community’s demands, many are still not optimistic.

What Will Happen to Premium Users if SBMM Warzone Shuts Down?

The founders of SBMM Warzone have promised that if SBMM Warzone shuts down in the worst-case scenario, users will be fully refunded.

Either way, the premium users should not lose much as in the interview with EuroGamer, Ben says that all refunds will be made. The most significant loss would be to the Call of Duty players who would be losing a useful tool.

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About Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is a first-person shooter battle royale that only supports multiplayer mode. It allows for both cross-platform and cross-progression which makes it gameplay remarkably spectacular. Unlike other battle royales, CoD: Warzone can easily house 150 players in a match while this limit is extended to 200 for some limited-time modes.

Players are offered the choice of playing two modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. To make the game interesting, large and diverse maps are packed by the game. Like any other Call of Duty arrival, Warzone too doesn’t have a shortage of weapons that can wipe out the existence of your opposition.

Call of Duty: Warzone surpassed 60 million downloads in the first two months of its release and received positive reviews from critics throughout the world.

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